Why Natures Menu

Improved digestion, skin, teeth and many other benefits.

Free delivery on purchases over £29.

Carefully selected suppliers and locally manufactured products.

Nothing artificial, chemical or unpronounceable.

Hassle-free repeat order and subscriptions.

10% off on all orders when subscribed.

Tell us about your pet

Every animal is different. Tell us about your cat or dog and we'll give you tailored feeding advice and information based on your pet's needs.

New to Natures Menu and Raw Feeding?

More about raw

From more manageable poos to better breath and shinier coat, feeding your dog a balanced raw diet packed with goodness can make a real difference to their wellbeing and vitality.

More about raw
More about us

40 years ago we asked ourselves, what's in our pets' food? Not satisfied with the answer, we made it our mission to create a better alternative. Real food made with real ingredients for cats and dogs.

More about us
Getting started

If you're new to raw feeding, don't worry, you've found the experts and we're here to help. Start by checking out our advice pages, where you'll find our transitioning guide.

Getting started

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