Our Quality

We ensure only the finest and tastiest ingredients are used to produce our natural foods

Our award-winning range of complete and balanced raw meals are made with locally sourced human grade meats and wholesome ingredients easily recognised as great quality.


As a brand dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our pets, we are equally committed to ensuring the meats we use come with the highest welfare standards and with full traceability. Our in-house team of vets and pet food experts, control and manage our quality systems to a very high standard and we make quality control a key part of our production.


Produced at our factory in Norfolk from selected suppliers, our raw foods are produced in a brand-new purpose-built production facility using the best standards for fast freezing our raw bites and nuggets so you get fresh frozen products made to the highest standards possible.


Traceability Matters

We know exactly what goes into our products and exactly where those products come from. In other words, we have full traceability of our ingredients and work hard to ensure only the best foods reach your dogs and cats.


We select human grade meat cuts for Natures Menu dog and cat foods from quality meat suppliers. We make sure the products are produced with good welfare standards as we deal directly with the grower, farmer or meat provider.

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Our products are free from bulking fillers, chemical additives, added sugars, rendered meats, artificial flavourings and colours. We aim to use just natural, wholesome ingredients to prepare great meals for the pets we love.

As Europe’s leading raw food producer, with numerous awards for our manufacturing procedures, product quality, service and innovation, we assure everyone considering feeding a raw diet that Natures Menu products are of the highest quality and nutritional standard for raw feeders across Europe.


We strive to provide the best quality assured ranges, nutritionally balanced by our in-house vet team with convenient, easy to portion control complete meals. Prepared to the same exacting standards of production legislation expected from a professional pet food manufacturer.

Natures Menu is DEFRA registered and adopts all European standards for quality, safety, good practice and is an active contributing member to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association’s (PFMA).