Everything we do is Inspired by Raw

From our pure minced meats and chunks to our raw inspired meals, treats and snacks, we put high quality ingredients, minimal processing and human grade meat at the heart of everything we do. Just real, quality ingredients, and no fillers, preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

The total is more important than the sum of the parts. Natures Menu creates complete and balanced meals for total wellbeing through a variety of natural, high quality, easily digestible ingredients. All of our complete and balanced raw and raw inspired meals adhere to PFMA nutritional guidelines and are developed with our in house veterinary team, so you can be sure your pet is getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

Our Ingredients


Chicken - Our human grade chicken meat is a great source of protein for cats and dogs, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Depending on the cut, chicken can provide a great lean source of protein, too. Most importantly, our pets love the texture and flavour.

Turkey - Turkey is a source of iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus and because it is a lean meat it also helps dogs and cats to build muscle and maintain a healthy body composition.

Pheasant - This tasty game meat is incredibly flavoursome, and loved by dogs and cats. Pheasant is also naturally high in iron, protein, B6 and selenium.

Goose - Goose is packed with nutrients, amino acids essential for growth and development. Goose meat offers a great alternative to chicken or turkey; the meat is a darker and has an intense flavour cats and dogs love.

Duck - A deliciously dark and full flavoured source of protein, rich in iron. Selenium, B vitamins and zinc.


Beef - A flavoursome red meat rich in vitamins and minerals including B12, niacin, zinc, selenium and B6. A favourite with both dogs and cats.

Venison - A rich, dark game meat loved by dogs for its intense flavour and meaty texture. Venison is also a good source of protein B6, thiamine and riboflavin.

Lamb - A rich source of high quality protein and a great source of healthy fats such as omega 3. With a distinctive flavour, lamb is a firm favourite for dogs, and feature in our meals, bones and treats.

Wild Boar - Wild boar is typically leaner than pork with fewer calories and less cholesterol. Best of all dogs find its' slightly sweet, meaty flavour to be absolutely delicious.

Rabbit - A high protein meat and a great source of iron. Rabbit also contains a wide range of minerals including zinc, potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Salmon - Salmon is a great source of vitamin B12,vitamin D and selenium, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin B6.

Trout - Typically lower in fat and calories than salmon, but with a great flavour and great nutritional benefits such as omega 3, potassium and phosphorous.

Cod - A great alternative protein source for sensitive stomachs, cod is easily digested and naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a great source of B12, selenium, protein and phosphorus.

Mackerel - This naturally oily fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a good source of vitamin D, protein and selenium.


Apple - It has an antioxidant effect and also protects on a cellular level due to its high polyphenol content, such as Quercetin. Good source of dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Blueberry - High polyphenol content, mainly anthocyanin, which give the fruit its colour and are potent antioxidants. They help defend against cellular oxidation which prevents significant problems, such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular problems.

Raspberry - Remarkable phytonutrient content, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in vitamin C, and, recently, it has been attributed beneficial effects regarding type-2 diabetes and blood sugar control.

Blackcurrant - High vitamin C and E, iron and magnesium content. It is also a high polyphenol source, with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Broccoli - Rich in dietary fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium and magnesium. It has several natural components, such as sulforaphene, which has been attributed to detoxing and cancer fighting properties.

Carrot - Beneficial for their eyesight, reproductive health, growth and development, due to their high antioxidant, carotene, dietetic fibre, and vitamin A content.

Peas - Stimulates the intestinal flora development, and helps control the blood sugar level, with its fibre and starch content. It also helps with muscle development, due to the leucine content in the proteins, as well as being a high source of minerals and vitamin B.

Pumpkin - Even though it is a fruit, pumpkins can be considered a vegetable due to its fibre and carotene content (provitamin A). Ideal for weight loss due to its low fat content. It is also a source of vitamin B, C and E.

Tomato Fibre - A mix of peel, seeds, and pulp produced by juicing. High fibre source, with a positive effect on the intestinal flora, it contributes to compact faeces. Also a good source of protein, iron, lycopene, vitamin E, amongst other tocopherols and phytosterols with antioxidant properties.

Potato - Detoxing effect due to its carotenoids and flavonoids, low in calories and rich in dietary fibre, vitamins C and B6, potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, and pantothenic acid.

Chickpeas - Helps regulate bowel movements and manage sugar blood content due to its high fibre content. They also contain significant amounts of vegetable protein, and antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E, ß-carotenes, phytonutrients and manganese.


Flax Seeds - Contains omega-6 acid and α-linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid essential for both dogs and cats. It also regulates bowel movements and improves nutrient absorption due to its high fibre content.

Fish Oil and Chicken Fat - Essential for their brain function, vision, immune response, and to improve their coat’ and skin’s appearance, due to the omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and omega 6 (linoleic acid) content.

Chicory Root - Improves the overall intestinal health, regulates glucose blood content and contributes to weight control, thanks to the high content of inulin, a prebiotic fibre.

Dehydrated Rosemary - Rich in natural antioxidants such as rosmarinic, carnosic acids and carnosol. These compounds are believed to stimulate the immune system, blood circulation, and digestion. It has been observed, through animal studies, that they reduce weight gain as well as improve glucose and fat blood level profiles.

Grape Seed Extract - Grape seed extract is known for its rich antioxidant properties as it contains a high level of polyphenols. The supplementation of this extract has shown to reduce inflammation and cholesterol, as well as reducing blood pressure. It is from the seed, not the skin or flesh as this is the toxic element of grapes for canines.

Seaweed - Seaweed (or kelp) is rich in minerals and trace elements and has a nourishing and tonic effect on all of the body's systems. It contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates. It is also a rich natural source of iodine, making it an excellent supplement to support and maintain a strong glandular system, especially for the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands.

Spirulina - Spirulina is a microscopic algae with high concentrations of beta-carotene, vit B-12, iron and trace minerals in addition to a range of phytonutrients which can strengthen the immune system, improve gastrointestinal health and act as a natural detoxifier.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea extract contains a high level of antioxidants namely in the form of catechins. These are excellent free radical scavengers and mop up highly unstable free radicals, limiting damage to the cells.  Green tea extract is a natural detoxifier, and the extract is caffeine free.

Dandelion Root - Dandelion root is used to help with both appetite and digestion, and can also be used as a natural detoxifier.