Our Story

Founded back in 1981 as Anglian Meat Products, we began producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) for pets as a small family run business in Norfolk. Initially selling a limited range of simple minced meats to breeders, we were encouraged by our customers to produce an even wider selection of meats including British Beef, Welsh Lamb, Fish from Lowestoft and lots of other Great British meats sourced from local specialists.

Today we are proud to be Europe’s leading experts on raw and raw inspired dog and cat foods, with ranges including True Instinct, Country Hunter and our Original Complete and Balanced raw meals, not to mention a traditional range of raw bones, chews, minces and chunks for those wishing to prepare their dog’s raw meals at home.

1981 – Anglian meat products Ltd is founded by Mr R. Taylor and the company starts its first production of raw foods for dog and cat breeders to buy

1983– Our first delivery vans start to deliver to pet stores in the East of England

1989 – The first raw food brand “Prize Choice” goes into production

1990 – Anglian Meat Products starts deliveries to the first Pet superstore opened in Enfield – Now we serve ALL of the pet superstores across the UK

1992 -  Anglian Meat Products opens its’ first regional delivery depot in Bristol, to be followed by depots in Leeds and Cumbernauld, to deliver goods to pet stores and customers across the country

1998 – Anglian Meat Products invests in new production facilities at its’ head office in Watton Norfolk

2004 – Natures Menu pouches and canned foods hit the streets to become a market leading success

2008 – Business achieves sales of £10m and starts to export to Europe

2012 – Natures Menu Ltd is born

2014 – Country hunter brand is introduced to the Natures Menu portfolio, blazing the trail for high meat, grain free, no-nonsense recipes for cats and dogs.

2015 – The Watton office is getting cosy…plans to find a new home for Natures Menu begin

2016 – Natures menu joins forces with Affinity Petcare and Natures Variety to develop a worldwide group of pet specialists in raw inspired nutrition

2017 – Snetterton is opened for business, with state of the art production facilities and over 210 members of staff

2018 – True Instinct for cats and dogs is launched, featuring ground breaking Raw Boost, mouth-watering High Meat Fillet pouches and ultimate nutrition Raw Bites.

Our Team

Natures menu is a fully integrated supply business. We source and selected our own raw ingredients, we process and pack the foods we make and deliver the brands we sell direct to our customers on our own fleet of delivery vehicles so you get the best service we can possible deliver.

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