Meet our brand champions

We’ve got behaviourists, agility champions and even a skateboarding Frenchie on board to help us spread the word about the benefits of raw and natural feeding. Lets meet the dream team...

Gwen Bailey's Puppy School

Puppy School Montage

About Gwen:

Gwen Bailey (BSc Hons) pioneered the use of animal behaviour knowledge in the rehoming of unwanted pets while working for a large animal welfare charity where she was Head of Animal Behaviour for 12 years. 

In June 2002, Gwen set up Puppy School (, a UK network of puppy class tutors trained in animal behaviour and offering socialisation and reward-based training classes run to a very high standard.   Puppy School has helped introduce positive training into the lives of 40,000 puppies since it started with over 70 Schools around the UK and Ireland.

Gwen lectures at national and international conferences, runs training courses and has written 14 books.   Her book ‘The Perfect Puppy - how to raise a dog you can live with’ has been the UK’s bestselling puppy book for over 20 years and has sold millions around the world.  She is a member and past Chairman of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, a Clinical Animal Behaviourist with Animal Behaviour and Training Council and past Trustee for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She is President of the charity Dogs Helping Kids. Gwen has a website aimed at helping owners with dog behaviour problems

Why do you recommend a raw diet?

Both my previous dogs overcame health issues thanks to a raw diet and I’ve seen amazing results in friend’s dogs, behaviour clients, and puppies in class when they switch to raw.  I’m a complete convert and would never feed my pets anything else.  Even my cat eats Natures Menu food!

What’s great about working with Natures Menu?

The company shares the same ethos as Puppy School.  We, and they, care about animals and want to give them the best lives possible.  Natures Menu produces food that you can guarantee will be good for your pets.  And the staff are lovely to deal with too.

Favorite Natures Menu product and why?

Natures Menu Treats for dogs.  It’s so easy to use them for training and they are readily broken up into small pieces.  Dogs and puppies love them, and want to work for them.  And, when feeding lots to perfect a new behaviour, they don’t upset their tummies.

Eric the Skateboarding Frenchie

Eric the Skateboarding Frenchie

Tell us a bit about you and your dog

 Eric is a self-taught skateboarding Frenchbulldog based in London. As a puppy, his ‘daddy’ ( an avid skater himself) would take Eric down to the skate park to just hang out. One day, out of the blue, Eric took someone’s board and starting rolling. That is when we realised he did not just want to sit and watch... he wanted to get involved. Eric loves skating and is happiest when dropping into a skate bowl, practising his 'rock fakies'. He is a respected member of the local skate crew and has even been sponsored by the local skate shop – Three Amigos, Camden. Eric is not entirely typical of his breed. Whilst he certainly enjoys a quiet ‘sofa’ day, he is very active and always ready to play. 

Why do you recommend a raw diet?

 Like many Frenchies, Eric suffered with a sensitive stomach as a puppy. This meant we had to create a very carefully controlled diet for him. After extensive research, much trial and error, and the preparation of vast amounts of white fish, we concluded that a raw diet was the only way to ensure we knew exactly what he was eating. Raw food has settled Eric’s stomach issues, and fuels him properly for his active days. Natures Menu gave us confidence in the content of his food as well as clear direction on the amount we should be feeding him. We can also now source the bulk of his food from one place.  Not only has Natures Menu sorted Eric’s diet out, they have given us back our weekends!

What’s great about working with Natures Menu?

Natures Menu have provided great customer service from the very start. The website is easy to use, and is hugely convenient. The delivery service is always prompt and friendly, with delivery slots that suit working hours.  We very much appreciate that Natures Menu products are delivered by their own drivers. This level of service has always made us feel like valued customers receiving personalised care.

Favorite Natures Menu product and why?

 Eric’s favourite meal is the Complete and Balanced Country Hunter Nuggets and his favourite flavour is probably the Wild Venison, but he also eats the Natures Menu White Fish every day. As a treat he is always keen on the Raw Beef Ribs. 

Watch Eric in action here

Nicola Wildman: Agility Competitor and Trainer

Nicola Wilman and Zest

A bit about me:

In my daily life I have two jobs, I am a trainee architect with a Bachelor's degree and Diploma in Architecture currently working at Joseph Boniface Architects part time as well as an Agility Trainer. I have been teaching agility for over 10 years and running my own Agility Training Club, Wild Paws Agility, for 3 years. I teach a huge variety of breeds and levels from GB squad members to complete Beginners and everything in between. I regularly attend training events and I am an Agility 1st registered instructor which is currently the only agility qualification recognised by the Kennel Club.

I have enjoyed brilliant success with my previous dogs winning multiple classes at Crufts and competing at every major national final including Olympia. In addition I have competed at the European Open with Agility Team GB.

Zest is my first dog who belongs to me as opposed to a family dog. She is a border collie and is very full on and loves to throw new training challenges at me. I regularly say she has taught me more than every single other dog I have ever taught.

Why do you recommend a raw diet?

Before Zest all our previous dogs had been fed high quality kibble, however looking at the ingredients made me worry about what they were eating. I couldn't understand what half of the ingredients were and to feed the same boring food every day didn't make me or them happy. Thankfully with Nature's Menu I can understand every ingredient on every packet and I believe that a species appropriate diet with a suitable meat content is very important for pet dogs but even more so for agility dogs. In my experience dogs fed raw seem to experience far fewer weight issues, skin conditions, tooth decay, allergies or tummy problems.

What's great about working with Natures Menu?

Nature's Menu provide both convenience and the best possible balanced diet for my dog. I can feed raw easily knowing my dog is getting everything she needs. I also know if needed I have a veterinary team to advise on Zests diet, they are always so pleased to see Zest at events and she is happy to get lots of cuddles but mostly the goodies!

Favourite Natures Menu product and why?

Country Hunter Raw Superfood Nuggets. I find the grain free option the best for providing my dog with plenty of energy for agility. I love the huge range of proteins available. Zest loves the Country Hunter pouches and can even be persuaded to come and have her nails cut in exchange for spoons of her favourite "pouches".

Alistair Bray: Trainer at Lone Wolf Agility

Alistair Bray

Tell us a bit about you:

I have been a professional dog trainer & dog behaviourist for over 15 years. Along side this I also competed in agility and trained countless dogs and handlers. Dog agility is my dog activity of choice. Away from the canine world I have also studied human social psychology, mental health areas of ASD & OCD, childhood development psychology, and Equine psychology.

Why do you recommend a raw diet?

A raw balanced omnivorous diet is by far the most natural for dogs, this then means I know exactly what I am feeding my beloved dog and every meal can be slightly different and not the same old same old each day. My dogs love the variety of Natures Menu meats and mixers plus I have the freedom to add other ingredients.

What’s great about working with Natures Menu?

I have found Natures Menu to be innovative and approachable with their information at shows and their support of dog trainers and clubs. Natures Menu staff are always professional & knowledgable plus clearly have a love for dogs & cats. I have also never struggled to get information and help for my clients about Natures Menu.

Favourite Natures Menu product and why?

Sorry but I could not pick one, my dogs would pick the free flow and Mighty Mixer, and I would choose the treats as they create great desire and drive when I am teaching.

It's an honour to be part of the Natures Menu team.

Hannah Banks: Agility Competitor

Hannah Banks

 I work full time as a pollen research scientist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. My scientific training means that I take objective and evidenced based decisions on how I feed and train my dogs, and I have decided that a nutritious, natural, mainly raw diet, that is high in meat content with no grain fillers and with fruit and vegetables providing extra vitamins and minerals, would provide the best basis for a nutritious and healthy diet for my dogs.  I was bought up with dogs in the household, and have never been without a dog in my own home. I currently have three dogs that are all competing in agility at championship level.

Bing is my youngest dog, and I am very happy that he is sponsored by Natures Menu. He is a very fussy eater and has been known to walk away from meals that he doesn’t find tasty. However, he loves - and thrives - on his Natures Menu meals, especially the Country Hunters range of raw food. He also likes the pouches when we travel away from home to compete. 

He is fit and healthy and full of vitality. Bing only started competing in agility last year. In a short space of time he qualified for the Olympia semi-finals, and competed at the prestigious dog agility Olympia finals at the Horse of the Year Christmas show. He qualified for the Discover Dogs medium ABC novice final (where he won the jumping section), and he qualified for the UK Agility novice steeplechase final, where he won the semi-final and the final. This year he has won many more classes at the highest level, as he is now qualified to compete in championship classes. He has also qualified for the Olympia semi-finals again.

In order to achieve these things, a dog has to be on top form, and I recommend the complete food that Natures Menu provides for keeping a dog in the best condition possible. His enthusiasm to work has been created by highly rewarded positive training, and for that Nature Menu meaty treats have been fundamentally important.  

Looking to be sponsored?

As interest in raw and natural feeding grows, we receive a higher number of applications for sponsorship than ever before and therefore we review applications based on motive, promotional objectives, appropriateness and commercial viability. It is also highly important to us that applicants are supporters of raw feeding and will act as positive brand advocates for Natures Menu.

Over the past few years we have had great pleasure in sponsoring a huge number of local shows, fundraising events as well as talented agility stars, teams and forward thinking breed clubs.

We welcome requests for sponsorship from individuals, groups and organisations interested in being sponsored by Natures Menu. Providing that the requester meets our criteria, they will then be sent an application to be completed. These are then reviewed by Natures Menu Head of Marketing and if successful an agreement must be signed.

If you’d like to apply for sponsorship then please request an application form from