Frequently Asked Questions


Are your pet foods safe to feed and to handle? What about the bacteria?
What is your animal welfare policy?
Is it safe to feed bones to pets?
How often should I feed raw meaty bones?
Can puppies and kittens be given a raw diet?
Can a raw diet be fed to a pet with a sensitive stomach?
Will my pet's stools be affected if they are changed over to a raw food diet?
Why do you add brown rice or sweet potato to some your frozen raw meals?
How do I start my dog/cat off on a raw diet?
How do I keep and defrost your frozen meat products?
At what age can a puppy change onto our adult food?
How much is delivery, and when do Natures Menu deliver to each area?
Do your plain minces or nugget meals contain bone?
How can I feed my dog to lose weight on a raw diet?
Can you cook your raw foods?