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Transitioning Your Dog To The Raw Diet

Switching to raw couldn't be simpler! Transition your dog over seven days and begin your journey into the wonderful world of raw feeding.

  • First things first, calculate your dog's daily raw food ration using our clever feeding calculator.
  • Days 1-7 divide daily ration into 50% raw and 50% previous food
  • Feed in alternating separate mealsavoid mixing if possible for easier digestion
  • Ideally meals should be given about 12 hours apart
  • From day 8 feed 100% raw ration

While many healthy dogs can cope without a transition period, we recommend this method to allow the body time to:


  • Adjust digestive enzyme release
  • Alter stomach pH
  • Adapt intestinal microbiome (‘friendly’ bacteria)
  • Promote healthy digestion and metabolism


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