Raw Feeding for Cats

Purrfect Raw and Natural Food for cats

When we think of raw feeding, most people immediately think of our canine friends, but if any of our domestic pets have been crying out for raw food it's cats! From mice to larger prey such as rabbits and birds, cats have been taking matters into their own paws since their domestication began.

Fortunately feeding cats what they really crave has never been simpler...

Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Raw Cat Food

Simple, pure ingredients, conveniently packaged to make preparing your cats raw meals cat quick, easy and totally 'yuck' free. Our wholesome ingredients, such as chicken and duck and chicken and salmon are paired with antioxidant rich cranberries, grape seed and green tea extract, then carefully blended into neat little nuggets that can be defrosted as and when you need them.

Why go raw? Raw feeding really is the simplest, most natural way to feed your cat. These natural carnivores thrive on the raw diet, with reported benefits ranging from improved digestion, firmer, less frequent stools, healthy skin, eyes and coat and improved vitality.

Raw feeding is also fantastic for allergy prone pets due to it's simple, unprocessed ingredients.

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Raw Cat Food

Lightly Steamed, 95% Real Meat Cat Food Pouches

Our 'almost raw' range of gently steamed cat food, perfect for cats who are used to dry food or standard cans and pouches. Our deliciously meaty cat food pouches contain absolutely no grain, meat meals or meat derivatives, just real, human grade cuts of meat plus the required amounts of essential nutrients such as taurine. 

Our cat foods are made with naturally antioxidant rich berries to promote urinary tract health. Pouches are also ideal as a 'stepping stone' to a totally raw diet, particularly if your cat is a fussy eater!

With many of our cats sufferring from common issues such as skin irritation and digestive problems, switching to a natural diet free of grains, sugars, thickening agents and fillers can be the first step to a healthy, happy future for your cat.

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Cat Food Pouches

Cat Transition Guide

Cat Transition Guide

Cats can get stuck in their ways when it comes to  diet. Make a smooth transition with our handy guide.

Raw For Kittens


Raw feeding can start from weaning age. Find out all you need to know about raw feeding kittens.

Cat Feeding Guide

Cat Feeding Guide

All cats are different. Find out how much you should be feeding yours with our feeding calculator.

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Get in Touch

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