Positive Training

If you want to build a deeper relationship with your dog and teach your dogs all sorts of clever tricks in the process, then this is for you! Jeanna, pet parent and trainer to the wonderful Kheva, Jinty Rumor and Dora, who you may recognise from TV ads such as M&S, Tesco and even the world's very first Christmas Movie for Dogs, talks us through her style of positive training and how you can get involved.

Jinty, Kheva, rumor and Dora

"How do you get them to do that ?"


It's something I am asked a lot in the job I do. I train my dogs (and sometimes other people's) for Photoshoots, TV & Filmwork. So my dogs have a catalogue of cool tricks and a keen focus on me ("the treat dispenser").


So how do I do it?


Well, in all truth, it's a big combination of things! Firstly I train using positive reinforcement. In my case, that's meat, or Natures Menu treats. Pay them well and they will be more interested ! And they train most days for a short time. Each training session is just fun and games. My dogs LOVE training. It's your job to make it fun.



Secondly, we do a lot together. Walking, hydro, sniffing games, agility. Keeping fit is not just important to keep the vet away, but a fit and exercised is more likely to want to work, have lots of stamina and be less distracted, because he's already had his knees met. 


Feed them well. I feed a raw and balanced diet with plenty of variety, from minces to chews and bones. I never expect my dogs to work on an empty tummy (though don't fill them too much!). Think about how you feed them too. I try and avoid overusing bowls. Kongs are a favourite here ! Could you even do a bit of training for their dinner? I use a spoon and a small bowl to reward if we're ever doing tricks for our dinner to minimise mess!


And finally, put your phone down, and go explore with them. When a dog is allowed to be a dog, explore new places, and you engage with them, it really satisfies them and will increase the bond between you both. 


Jeanna recommends dogmantics.com and their accompanying YouTube channel to anyone looking to get some positive training inspiration. She also recommends Talking Dogs Scentwork and  Dog Communication (Behaviour & Training)


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