Raw Feeding Your Kitten

What better way to feed your kitten than as nature intended? If you have decided to feed your kitten a raw diet, or would just like to find out more, look no further.

Just like dogs, cats and kittens can digest raw meat and bone, in fact as many cat owners know, our feline friends regularly chow down on raw meaty meals in the form of rodents and birds from our gardens.

Natures Menu provide a variety of foods perfect for kittens which have high real meat protein, essential oils and all the healthy natural nutrients and enzymes a raw diet can provide.

Raw Feeding Your Kitten

When can I start raw feeding my kitten?

You can gradually introduce any of our Complete Raw Cat Food range from 6 weeks onwards. If you’re worried about introducing raw straight away, try mixing the raw meals with some warm (not boiling!) water to form a paste that the kitten can easily lap up.

We also offer a lightly steamed pouch especially for kittens, which may be preferable if you are transitioning your kitten over from another brand of wet or non-raw food. We recommend that you feed your kitten 3-4 times daily and remove any uneaten food after twenty minutes.

My kitten is fed dry food; how do I transition to raw?

If your kitten is not already on raw food when you bring them home, don’t worry! You can easily transition them over to the food of your choice.

Because cats can be rather fussy when it comes to food, we recommend the two-bowl technique:

  • Place a single defrosted nugget in a separate dish beside their usual food.
  • Repeat this process and each mealtime until they begin to show interest, then gradually increase the proportion of raw food and decrease the amount of their previous food over a period of seven days or more.

If you have any questions about raw feeding our team are always on hand to help. Contact us on Facebook, Twitter or by email.