We genuinely care about your pets, and our raw pet foods face stringent safety and bacteria testing to ensure they are completely safe to feed. However, as with handling any raw meat, it is important to keep things clean. We recommend following these simple food handling tips while preparing your pet's delicious raw meal:

Responsible raw feeding

Store in a sealed container


In a sealed package or container in your home freezer.  Never refreeze!


Defrost in the fridge overnight

Defrost overnight in the fridge

Allow up to 12 hours for meal size portions


Defrost at room temperiture in feeding bowl


In a clean container or your pet's bowl


Wash Utensils and hands

Wash utensils and hands after serving

As you would after any raw food handling


Dispose of all packaging in appropriate bin

Dispose of all packaging SAFELY

We try to make our raw food packaging as minimal as possible. Please dispose of it in your rubbish bin


Safe Raw Feeding Frequently Asked Questions.

How long can I leave food out for?


Any uneaten food left after 20 minutes be covered, refrigerated, and offered later that day. Discard any leftover food 24 hours after defrosting.

Is it safe to feed bones?


Only if they are fed raw and selected appropriately for the age and experience of the animal.

Raw bones are moisture rich, softer and more flexible compared to cooked bones. Once a bone is cooked they become very dry and brittle, this is when they can easily splinter and potentially cause problems. Please do not feed cooked bones. Please do not feed cooked bones.
For more information on this, please visit the All about bones section.

What about bacteria?


Natures Menu bones and chews are safely sourced and stored to ensure it is safe for raw consumption. Our batches are regularly tested for bacteria such  as salmonella and enterobacteriaceae.  We keep our bones and chews frozen to ensure safe, fresh products.


We recommend to defrost the bones and chews in a sealed container on the side for 2 hours or overnight in the fridge. We advise to use the product within 24 hours of defrosting