Natures Menu Testimonials

Natures Menu Testimonials

One of the perks of working for Natures Menu is that we get to hear so many success stories from you lovely lot! Here are just some of the  testimonials that we have recieved over the years. From skin problems to pancreatitis, raw feeding can offer a new lease of life to poorly and allergy prone pets. 


If you have your own story to tell we would love to hear from you! Get in touch via our contact page.

Jack, age 10. From pancreatitis to a second puppyhood!


This is my Jack Russell, Jack, who will be 10 next month. Jack had pancreatitis in December 2013. After a few days at the vets Jack came home and I was advised to feed him a low fat food, I was told about Natures Menu and raw food. I did my research and a lot of it mentioned pancreatitis, so I got Jack some raw food from Natures Menu and we have never looked back.


Jack also suffered with a skin condition that meant lots of antibiotics and trips to the vets, Jacks skin condition has cleared up since being on your food; no more tablets for Jack. Since being on your food Jack is a different dog, he used to be quite lazy, not any more it's like having a puppy, so energetic and full of life, it's hard to believe he's nearly 10.


Thank you Natures Menu. 

Vickie Ford

Jinty, Kheva and Rumour; Fuelled by Natures Menu.

Jinty Kheva and Rumour

Thank you so much for existing! As you can see, I've got 3 lovely dogs with very different needs! My small Jack Russell, Jinty, has pancreatitis and thrives on your Hunter Nuggets (4% Fat). Kheva, my Pyrenean Sheepdog, has a really high metabolism so needs plenty of tripe to keep her going and Rumour, my Miniature American Shepherd absolutely loves to chew so the marrow bones, trachea and ribs are a huge hit with him!


Thanks so much for making your food so accessible and easy to store, fuelling my dogs in their various sports, from Flyball to Obedience and Agility. We love Natures Menu!!!!



Fluffy, age 17. Itchy skin cleared with Natures Menu


Our little ancient cat purred her way comfortably to the eternal cat home recently after living for almost 18 years. Until we discovered Natures Menu raw variety we had been roasting chickens to share with her - yes really, as she had not been able to digest her usual food (biscuits, canned or pouches) for the past couple of years and had developed a terrible skin problem all over her back.


Until the end she was tucking into her raw food with relish and was still able to amble about the garden, and could even spring onto the wash basin for an opportunistic drink from the running tap!


The great thing about the raw food is that there's no "yuck" factor to it - you take it from the freezer and it defrosts very quickly in convenient quantities.


Fluffy was a marvellous character and would always let us know if she was not amused by her rations. Fortunately we made the grade with her exacting gourmet standards by going raw.


Thank you.



Bailey, age 6 months. A calmer puppy since going raw.


I switched Bailey over to Natures Menu a month ago and he loves it!


Prior to the switch he was eating dry feed with a little puppy meat but he was very hyper and didn't always want to eat and when he did he never finished a meal.


He now eats every last morsel and gets stuck in as soon as I put his bowl down. He loves the puppy nuggets, treats and bones (and enjoyed the pouches on his recent first holiday to Devon!) and is a much happier, calmer puppy now.


He has a beautiful shiny coat and his tear staining is slowly fading.


If Bailey's happy, I'm happy - thank you Natures Menu! :o)



Sam; Controlling weight in cat diabetes.


Sam was diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of June 2013 when he had a fructosamine level of 770. Sam was a fat cat - nearly 10kg at one point although even with his early stage diabetes he was losing weight and probably was around 8kg at time of diagnosis. I was told to feed Sam half the diet for a 6 kg cat (6kg being an ideal weight). I did buy my initial prescription of Hills M/D dry and wet food, and I did feed Sam the kibbles at first as this is what he had been used to from his previous 'premium' cat food diet (Royal Canin, Hills, Proplan and the odd Gourmet sachet), but from reading about cat diabetes I began to learn about the domestic cat's evolutionary past. 


After doing some research I bought some Natures Menu cat pouches and began to transition Sam from the kibbles. Soon I was able to remove almost all of the dry food from his diet.


And the good news is that after a few months Sam had a blood test and his frutosamine level was 370. Sam has also not had any episodes of urinary tract crystal formation since being on the Natures Menu diet - something that plagued him every few months before his diabetes diagnosis!


While writing this piece, I realised that my dog Lily (a six year old Cavalier/West Highland cross with no known medical condition) has also been calmer and less excitable in recent weeks. When I switched the cat to Natures Menu I also switched the dog to Natures Menu as part of her diet.

I hope that my pets’ stories will inspire others to consider trying a food such as Natures Menu and that it would also be a great help for their pets well-being issues.
Claire, Lily and Sam the Cat.

Otis, age 3. Itchy skin and lack of appetite to happy and healthy.


This is my much loved Tibetan terrier Otis. He is 3 years old. He used to be fed a dry food but was not interested in food at all to the point he would rather eat sticks in the garden!


He was also very itchy, especially in his ears and tail and his poo was extremely runny.

I decided to investigate raw feeding and started him on another brand but your frozen cubes were so convenient that we swapped to Natures Menu.


He has been on your grain free raw cubes for 2 years now and is the picture of health. Everywhere I go people comment on his coat and ask me about his diet.


He is not itchy at all now, has perfect solid poo and adores his food.


 Keep up the good work.



Scout, age 6. A new lease of life with raw.



I own a 6 year old chocolate labrador called Scout, he is my first dog and my best friend. His health problems started when he was just 10 months old when he was suffering with hematamesis and nearly died, then at 2 he developed luxating patella and had an operation on his left knee. At 3 he was diagnosed with one set of allergies and immunotherapy was started. He also developed 7 separate hematomas in his ears during this time, then at 5 he was diagnosed with another set of allergies so his immunotherapy was reformulated and he also had an acute bout of pancreatitis after he manged to eat some bird fat balls, and developed yeast and bacterial infections on his skin and in his ears due to his allergies.


I set about looking for a new diet for Scout in the hope of improving his overall health. I changed Scouts food to a wet food at first, but I had trouble keeping weight on him and he wasn't doing well with his allergies, so I did more research into diet and heard about raw feeding and the benefits it has on dogs, especially ones with allergies and leg problems. I came across natures menu, bought some just beef mince, beef chunks and some of the complete meals from the normal and Country Hunter range and to say I am pleased is a serious understatement; I cannot believe the difference natures menu products have made to Scout.


Scout is now doing so well, his skin and coat are super shiny and soft, his energy is great, his muscle tone is great, his weight is spot on and he has no arthritis or leg problems at all, and has not needed a single tablet, strong ear cleaner etc for his allergies since switching to natures menu. He used to suffer with red ears, paws and skin and cysts on his paws and used to be itchy all over but they have gone and not returned, he has virtually no allergic reactions at all and is a super happy boy indeed! 
He loves all the varieties of meals he is fed and loves the marrow bones and beef tracheas.


So I just want to say a huge thank you to you all for creating brilliant raw food and bones for dogs because it has helped Scout so much and for that I am ever so grateful as I hated seeing Scout suffer. To see him now is such a joy and everyone is shocked when I tell them Scouts age (even though 6 isn't old) he easily out runs and out lasts his dog friends, and people are so complementary about his shiny coat and how well he looks. The only thing Scout is getting is his allergy injection once a month, he had one today (he loves going to the vets) and even his vet marvelled at how well Scout is looking saying you wouldn't even think he has any allergies at all.



Thea, age 17. Long, healthy lives on Natures Menu


I’ve owned several Siamese cats and when they first came to me they were weaned onto and then fed a dry complete food. I immediately began to transition them onto Natures Menu and have lived all their lives on a raw diet ever since. My current Siamese are Thea and Tabitha and are aged 23yrs and 17yrs respectively. We lost two others last year, Sisko and Mimms at the ages of 22yrs and 27yrs old. 


Our male Siamese, Sisko, just loved a chicken wing and would drag between his front legs like a lion with a gazelle, growling over his prize. He would then take himself somewhere and scoff the lot!

My 17yr old has never been to the vets except to be speyed, my 23yr old has a bit of stiffness in her legs but has only visited the vets in the last year or so for a jab to ease her stiffness. 

A natural diet is just the best way to give both cats and dogs a long, happy healthy life.


Rocky the rescue. Sensitive skin and stomach, sorted!


We rescued Rocky from Battersea dogs and cats home and found out he has a very sensitive stomach and itchy skin, which made him poorly for days.


Put him on nature's menu and he's been doing much better. He loves the frozen raw chews, especially the marrow bone :)


Chloe G

Millie; Improvements in skin and muscle tone in just 2 months.


Millie has been on raw for 2 months now and she has improved muscle definition and her coat is looking lovely and shiny.


As you can see from the top left picture she had a patch missing on her leg, which has now cleared up and the hair has grown back lovely.


I can’t recommend natures menu highly enough.



Elvis; Raw food fit for a king!


We've been feeding our dogs, Lionel and Elvis our Great Danes for 8 years and it has proven to be the best products we have ever used. It's given our dogs strength, energy and a wonderful physique.


Elvis is a happy healthy pet whom is photographed continuously by visitors to Liverpool and truly is the best advert for Natures Menu.


Vic Ashley