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Our vet team L-R: Mel, Claire, Becky and Donna

At Natures Menu we believe that your pets deserve the best diet possible. 


That's why we have our own team of in-house vets and veterinary nurses to help us ensure that our raw and natural meals contain everything they need to keep your cats and dogs fit and healthy.


Read on to find out about our veterinary team and their stories, and why they are so passionate about raw and natural feeding.



Fully qualified vet and raw feeder to her Great Dane, Winston, Becky is the driving force behind our raw feeding training scheme.

"Good nutrition is very important, as we are aware for ourselves, but unfortunately it does get overlooked.  Raw feeding has always been a controversial topic in the veterinary sector, but it is starting to make its mark as a healthy, natural option to feed your pet.

When I worked in a small animal vet practice I saw some wonderful results from animals switching to a raw diet, but it wasn’t until I used it on my own dog that I truly witnessed the extraordinary differences a raw diet can make.

For the first time in months my dog produced a firm stool within 48 hours of transitioning him over to a raw diet. He stopped vomiting and he was interested in eating his meals again. I could continue with the list of wonderful benefits changing to a raw diet can have, but really truly you have to see it for yourself to believe it. 

Now that I work with Natures Menu I get to hear so many success stories. 

It is great to know that our food is having such a wonderful effect on the health and wellbeing of our pets.

We still have a lot to learn about raw food and I look forward to working alongside Natures Menu to expose the full potential of a natural, raw diet."

Dr Claire Miller BVetMed CertAVP MRCVS


Fully qualified Vet Claire is our Veterinary Technical Advisor. She leads on the science behind our products and their development from raw material to our final delicious recipes. She also works closely with several large professional organisations to promote responsible raw feeding across Europe.

Vet Claire Miller

“After spending the first five years of my career as a small animal vet in practice I soon recognised the true value of good nutrition and how often it can be overlooked. It was here I first saw the extraordinary difference raw feeding can make to the health and wellbeing of our much loved pets and I was inspired to learn more.

At Natures Menu I am committed to promoting and upholding the concept of ‘Responsible Raw’. Alongside my team of veterinary professionals, we work hard to ensure the safety, quality and nutritional balance remain at a standard we can be proud of, while continually looking at ways we can improve through vital research.

I feel privileged to get to hear about our success stories each and every day. Pets plagued by a myriad of health concerns have shown truly amazing transformations, often after a long struggle.

Whilst we still have a lot to learn before we can realise the full potential of raw, it has without doubt a very exciting future…”


Vet nurse Melanie brings over 15 years of experience and helps to promote responsible raw feeding both here and across Europe with CPD and raw feeding events for veterinary practices and organisations. She is an experienced raw feeder and a qualified dog trainer.

"I have worked within veterinary practices for over 15 years and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2003. I have always had a passion for dog training and behaviour and started to look extensively into the diets I was selling in practice after obtaining my own puppy.

I was shocked to discover the foods I had been recommending for years were actually full of things we really should not be feeding to our canine companions on a daily basis!

Feeding prepared raw not only provides a safe, natural, nutritionally balanced diet, but can also help with so many behaviour and medical issues commonly seen in practice.

I would never advise to feed anything else!"


Brendan has supported Natures Menu with veterinary sector education, training and knowledge.

Brendan Calrke Vet

A graduate of London's Royal Veterinary College and a qualified veterinary homoeopathist, he practices complementary and conventional medicine at the highly regarded Towerwood Veterinary Practice in Leeds, of which he is a partner.

Find out more about Brendan here.

His clients travel from all over the country to improve the lives of their pets as a result of his expertise.