Find out what our experts say about raw feeding...

Natures Menu Vets

At Natures Menu we believe your pets deserve the best diet possible. 

That's why we have our own team of in-house vets and veterinary nurses to help us ensure that our raw and natural meals contain everything needed to keep your cats and dogs fit and healthy.

Read on to find out about our veterinary team and their stories, and why they are so passionate about raw and natural feeding.

Melanie Sainsbury RVN MISAP ASS.MEM CBC

Vet nurse Melanie brings over 15 years of experience and helps to promote responsible raw feeding both here and across Europe with CPD and raw feeding events for veterinary practices and organisations. She is an experienced raw feeder and a qualified dog trainer.

Vet Nurse Melanie Sainsbury

"I have worked within veterinary practices for over 15 years and qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2003. I have always had a passion for dog training and behaviour and started to look extensively into the diets I was selling in practice after obtaining my own puppy.

I was shocked to discover the foods I had been recommending for years were actually full of things we really should not be feeding to our canine companions on a daily basis!

Feeding prepared raw not only provides a safe, natural, nutritionally balanced diet, but can also help with so many behaviour and medical issues commonly seen in practice.

"I would never advise to feed anything else!"

Matthew Armstrong BSC (Hons) BVETMED MRCVS

Qualified vet Matthew helps to provide education to practices across the South East.

Vet Matthew Armstrong

After spending the first six years of my veterinary career in small animal practice, I became very aware of the important relationship nutrition has with maintaining good animal health.  From reducing the likelihood of an animal suffering health problems initially, to improving recovery from disease, good nutrition is vital for our pets to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.   If done responsibly, raw feeding can be tremendously beneficial to individual animals, in terms of alleviating certain chronic diseases and vastly improving an animal’s quality of life.  


One of the main aspects of my job involves educating veterinary professionals about the concept of ‘Responsible Raw’ so they can provide useful advice to clients on how to raw feed their pets safely and responsibly.  The most rewarding part of my job is hearing about all the animals whose lives have been significantly improved since starting on Natures Menu.  I can see the benefits in my own cat as well – he is livelier, more alert and his coat looks great! 

"I can see the benefits in my own cat as well - he is livelier, more alert and his coat looks great!"

Niki Warren RVN MCST

Registered, qualified veterinary nurse Niki helps to provide education to practices in the Midlands and north Wales.

Niki Warren External Educator

I qualified 16 years ago as a veterinary nurse, working in a variety of clinics, with various roles during this time. I have spent the last 10 years working in out of hours clinics before starting with Natures Menu June 2017, returning to work after having a baby.

In my spare time I run a dog walking service with my partner and I am also a skeletal therapist treating dogs, horses and people.

I found switching my dogs to a raw diet last summer greatly increased my old girls’ appetite as she was really un-keen on her dried food and my puppy’s coat is so much healthier looking since changing him too.