Want a Vet’s Opinion on Raw Feeding?


When it comes to your dog’s diet, you want to make the right choices. There are lots of nutrients dogs need but also plenty of foods they need to avoid. For example, a good dog diet has a high proportion of meat, some offal and certain fruits and vegetables. It does not have added sugar or highly processed ingredients that can cause digestive issues. Then there’s the question of whether to choose food in dry or wet form, cooked or raw. If you’re considering the latter, you may be wondering, what is a vet’s opinion on raw feeding?

Feeding a raw diet is becoming a popular choice, but if you haven’t heard much about it, asking your vet’s opinion on raw feeding is a sensible first step. With so many options on the market, it’s only natural for a conscientious dog owner to seek expert advice as to what they should or shouldn’t feed their favourite four-legged friend. So, what do vets think about raw feeding?

A vet will certainly recommend that your dog’s diet is a complete and balanced one. There are certain vitamins and minerals your dog needs, and the easiest way to ensure they get these, and in the correct amount, is to feed a diet that has been carefully formulated to meet their nutritional needs. A vet’s opinion on raw feeding might depend on how much they know about the available options and if they are aware that, with Natures Menu, feeding a complete and balanced raw diet can be as easy as it is with dried or tinned food.

Our bestselling Complete and Balanced Raw Nuggets are packed with everything your dog needs, and nothing they don’t; all you have to do is pour out the number of nuggets you need, let them thaw, then serve. With a high, quality, real meat content and no cheap fillers or added sugar, it ticks all the boxes required for vet recommended dog food, which is why our in-house veterinary team can recommend it with confidence.


Here at Natures Menu, we’ve been making quality raw dog food for 40 years – it’s been our passion since long before it started making headlines. All our recipes are developed by a panel of experts, including veterinary practitioners, nutritionists and pet food experts, so having a vet’s opinion on raw feeding and input on our carefully formulated recipes is part of our process. We’re members of the PFMA, the leading trade body for the UK’s pet food industry and all our recipes are formulated to comply with the FEDIAF guidelines.

Responsible sourcing of real, quality ingredients is at the heart of everything we produce, and all our food is made at our DEFRA approved, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Norfolk. We also have a specialist delivery system so you can get raw to your door with confidence that your order will arrive in perfect condition.

Building on our decades of expertise, Natures Menu is the only UK raw manufacturer to offer free educational courses to the veterinary profession, promoting an informed vet’s opinion on raw feeding. Our in-house veterinary team, who have decades of frontline animal welfare experience, are ardent believers in the benefits of raw feeding. As the raw food sector evolves and grows, vets are increasingly becoming open to and interested in raw feeding and the benefits experienced by those who swear by it. See what Richard from Wylie vets had to say:

"Over the 20 years we have been advocating raw for dogs, we have noticed that our patients are less prone to many of the modern diseases seen in our pet population since the advent of 'Fast-food for pets'. These conditions include obesity, dental disease, inflammatory skin and bowel disease, cancers and diabetes. Raw diets are simply a healthier dietary choice for carnivores".

As well as being safe, hygienic, complete and balanced, we manufacture our foods to be safe and easy to prepare, you can watch our Veterinary Educator Mel go through these simple preparation steps here. You simply need to observe the same basic food hygiene practice as you would when handling any raw food, so washing hands, wiping surfaces and cleaning bowls properly.

Whilst every vet in the UK might not be up on every detail of raw food, our fully qualified, in-house Veterinary Team gives all Natures Menu raw food their seal of approval. They’re involved in helping educate other vets nationwide and they’re on hand if you need any more information or advice. So, if you’d like to chat more about the all-important question, ‘what do vets think about raw feeding?’, just drop us a line!