4 Common Raw Feeding Myths

The benefits of raw diets for pets are aplenty. From improved digestive health to healthier skin and coat, you’re bound to see an improvement in your pet’s wellbeing. It’s because of these benefits that more and more pet owners are beginning to consider feeding their pets a raw diet. However, despite this growing popularity and these visible improvements, there are also plenty of myths that discourage so many pet owners from switching their pets to a raw food diet. We’re here to debunk these myths and to help you appreciate the benefits of feeding pets raw food.

Pets need the added nutrients in processed foods

This simply isn’t true, nutrients are often added into commercial foods to make them suitable for sale. There are no nutrients in processed food that your pet can’t get from natural, whole foods, providing they’re eating a balanced and varied diet consisting of meat, organs and bones. You may also supplement these meat sources with vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, for added fibre and calcium. What’s more, the additives and fillers in commercial pet foods offer little nutritional benefit to your pet and are often used as a means of bulking foods out. This means that your pet may be filling up on food that isn’t as nutritionally abundant as natural, raw foods. It’s simple to achieve this natural balance with Natures Menu Complete and Balanced raw meals which have everything your pet needs in just one portion.

Raw feeding requires too much effort

The wonderful thing about raw feeding is that you can make it work for you and your lifestyle, preparing as much or as little raw food as you see fit.  Supplementing your home-prepared ingredients with packaged raw foods is an option many people take. Natures Menu makes this easy, with raw food formats to suit all needs, ranging from pure meat portions and minces to Complete and Balanced raw nuggets. This means that, whether you want to prepare fruits and vegetables yourself to add to raw meat, or simply open a pre-prepared pack of complete raw food, you can rest assured that your pet is getting a top-quality raw food diet from Natures Menu. Natures Menu Raw Treats are another uncomplicated way of introducing your pet to a raw and natural diet packed with nutritional benefits.

Hazel and Bramble

Bacteria in raw foods will make my pet ill

Despite rumours that raw foods contain bacteria, such as salmonella, that could make your animal unwell, this just isn’t a problem if your pet is in good health, with a fully functioning immune system. This is especially true for cats and dogs, who have natural digestive enzymes and bile and high acidity in their stomachs to process salmonella without it making them ill.

To keep your pet’s chances of illness at a minimum you should aim to feed your pet the freshest meat possible, preparing it safely and storing it in refrigerated conditions to prolong its freshness. This is also the case for kibble-style pet foods, which can also contain salmonella.

Small animals can’t eat raw diets

The size of your pet doesn’t mean they’re more or less suited to a raw diet, it simply means you’ll need to adjust the size of the foods you give them. For small dogs and kittens, choose smaller cuts of meat and cut portions into smaller chunks to help them chew more easily. For example, you might give smaller pets raw mince portions or pure meat chunks, combined with smaller chunks of vegetables. Sizing also applies to larger pets, who are at risk of choking on smaller chunks of food. In these cases, beef ribs and larger cuts of meat and fish are more suitable for them. Natures Menu has raw food options for cats and dogs of all sizes and the feeding calculator can help you understand just how much you should be feeding your pet.

The goal for every pet owner is to provide their pet with the best nutrition possible and, in spite of these myths, Natures Menu believes that a raw diet with fresh, whole foods is one of the most effective ways to do this. As with any change in your pet’s diet, you should approach it slowly and closely monitor their appetite for the first few days. If you have any questions about making the transition to raw foods, contact the Natures Menu team on 0800 0183770 for further advice.