6 Raw Fed Dogs of Instagram you have to follow


One of the perks of working in the pet industry is that you have a legitimate excuse to gaze at the gorgeous mugs of the cats and dogs of Instagram on a daily basis. @Naturesmenupetfood have been hanging out on Instagram for a while now, and we have made some lovely friends along the way. Read on to find out about our top 6 raw fed dogs to follow on Instagram.



1.  Ramsey @bluestaffy


Whatever your preconceptions of the Staffordshire bull terrier, think again. Ramsey is the epitome of the good natured family pet, plus he looks absolutely amazing, down to his fabulous diet no doubt ;-) An absolute super star pooch who rocks the shower cap like no other. Adorbs.


Ramsey @bluestaffy

3. Eric Spock Maclean @erocdog


Eric is no ordinary Frenchie (although we do have a weakness for those, too). Not content with watching owner Joel skating at the local skate park, Eric made a dash for an unattended board and had a go himself. The rest is history. See it to believe it.


Eric @erocdog

2. Sally the Samoyed @babydirewolf


Stunning Samoyed living the high life in the highlands. A Fife based bundle of fluff who spends her days frolicking at the beach, on mountain walks and looking the picture of health. She eats Country Hunter too. We like to think it’s the food that does it, but I don’t think we can take all the credit…


Sally @babydirewolf

4. Buttons and her pups @a_lab_called_buttons


Proving it is never too early to start raw feeding, beautiful Labrador Buttons and her first litter of pups are thriving. Check in daily for the most adorable videos and pics of Buttons and her growing pups. We’re in totally love.


Buttons @a_lab_called_buttons

5. Franklin @franklin.furter


You know those dogs that seem to have a smile on their face, ALL THE TIME? Meet Franklin; sausage dog about town who enjoys woodland walks and international travel, and the occasional spot of doggy modelling. He’s just gorgeous, and even got his picture on Good Morning Britain a couple of weeks ago.  


Franklin @franklin.furter

6. Amber and Molly @thegingerdogman


Follow the adventures of these stunning Vizslas and their owner as they explore the great outdoors. Some of the most wonderful doggy photography Instagram has to offer from a true dog lover. Gorgeous.


Amber and Molly @thegingerdogman


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