Best Dog Food for Puppies


Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting time, and deciding on the best puppy food to feed can be tricky! Here at Natures Menu we have a range of puppy foods that are made with real human grade meat to veterinary approved recipes designed to support your puppy’s growing body without the use of artificial colours, flavours, starchy grains and sugars.


Which puppy food is best for my dog?


We have raw and wet food varieties to choose from. Let’s look at the different options, to help you decide which puppy food is best for you:


Raw Puppy Food


Raw feeding provides a completely natural, preservative free alternative to many of the dry and processed pet foods available, and what better time to start than puppyhood.

All of our complete raw meals are developed to meet FEDIAF’s nutritional guidelines to ensure that your growing puppy will be getting all the nutrition they need.

Raw feeding with Natures Menu is easy – simply count out the number of nuggets your puppy needs (we have a clever feeding calculator for that), thaw and serve.

Our raw meals can be fed from weaning age up to a year.


Raw Puppy Food Products available:




Country Hunter Raw Superfood Nuggets for Puppies


A grain free raw complete recipe puppy food made with 80% turkey and nutritious fish.

Country Hunter Raw Puppy Food


Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Raw Puppy Nuggets


Raw puppy food made with chicken, salmon and wholesome brown rice.

Natures Menu Raw Puppy Food


Wet Puppy Food 


Available in cans or pouches, our gently cooked puppy meals are raw inspired, so they are made with the wholesome goodness and simplicity of raw in mind, but in a convenient can or pouch. Our junior cans and pouches can be fed from weening age up to a year.


Wet Puppy Food products available:



Natures Menu Junior Chicken and Lamb Pouch


A gently cooked puppy food pouch made with quality human grade meats and no artificial colours, flavours or added sugars.


Raw Food Puppy Pouch


Natures Menu Junior Chicken and Lamb Can


A deliciously meaty puppy meal in a 400g can. Slightly larger pack size, ideal for larger breeds.

Raw Puppy Food Can

Treats and snacks for puppies


With all the training that comes with puppyhood, a decent training treat is a must! Our Real Meaty treats can be given from weaning age and are soft enough to be broken into smaller pieces. Adored by the agility community and our friends at Puppy School for their effectiveness and bargaining power among our four legged friends!

Training Treats for Puppies


Give a pup a bone!


Raw bones provide a healthy, completely unprocessed treat that allows puppies to satisfy their urge to chew, naturally. Puppies can be offered bones from as young as 10 weeks old and Natures Menu recommend monitoring your puppy at all times with bones, chews and soft toys.  We recommend starting your puppy off with a chicken wing, and building up from there. Read about raw bones for dogs in our advice centre.

Raw Chicken Wings for Puppies


Want to find out more about our puppy range? Visit our puppy area.

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