Betsy and Ruby are back!

Well, that was fast. Officially, it's now Autumn and actually, for Britain, I think we actually had a pretty good summer! We did lots of travelling, including to the National Pet Show, luckily Betsy is really used to going on adventures as she has been travelling since she was very little indeed!


This summer we did a display in Wales, Sheffield and were privileged enough to be asked to run a workshop down in Devon for ‘Paws Forward’ Dog Training with a very talented trainer, Dawn Carnell -after hosting me  they decided to become the only other currently active UK Disc Dog School in the UK, which was utterly awesome to hear. I went down with the aim of getting them addicted, and they definitely got bitten by the bug! (We did warn them!)


We were made to feel very welcome and we taught some fantastic teams who are also very excited about the prospect of disc dog (dog frisbee) becoming a more mainstream competitive dog activity in the UK, and of course hoping the sport will grow so  meeting lots of like minded people and dog teams becomes a more regular occasion!


Betsy in action

Betsy also worked on some filming down in London for a TV project, which was great fun. Of course, she wasn’t phased by anything on set and the crew seemed to be amazed at her stamina - in fact I had to insist she took breaks as otherwise I think she would of happily kept working on set non stop all day, she had a whale of a time and got paid heavily in livercake!


That wasn’t the only filming that took place - I also did some for her summer youtube video but I don’t think that will be ready until the end of September as we have lots of exciting things to look forward to, but more about that in my next update!

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