Introducing... Betsy and Ruby

...Proud to be #FuelledByNaturesMenu!




Sorry about that. It seems that it doesn’t matter how much you train a dog; you can’t get them to write your blog posts for you… yet! Time for me to step in.


I’m Ruby, and this is my “Amazing Frisbee Dog”,  Betsy (sometimes going by names of: ‘Bets’ ‘doglet’, ‘crazy hound’ and ‘doge’, depending on the situation). We’re here to introduce ourselves, and thought the best way would be by giving you a few facts about who we are and what we do.

Betsy and Ruby

Fact #1: Betsy is a four-year-old border collie x lab and, in short, as anyone who knows her can confirm, is nuts. In a good way! She’s a very social media savvy dog with her own Facebook/Twitter/Insta/Youtube channel ( Funny how when ages ago I tried to set one up for myself, I had about seven followers, but when you set one up for your pup they collect almost a thousand :P



Fact #2: My name’s Ruby; I’m a 25-year-old professional dog trainer, having set up the only active UK Disc Dog School, Clickertastic  in Royal Leamington Spa with The Prince's Trust late last year. Me and Bets are currently the only active UK Disc Dog team, however we want to spread the love far and wide!  ♯frisbeeescape #DiscDog #DogFrisbee


Fact #3: We train entirely using force-free methods, and I am a full member of the #IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) which means I abide by a strict code of ethics and have been tested on not only my theoretical knowledge, but my practical ability too. I aim to train with the least invasive approach possible using motivational and reward based techniques only. Come on peeps, you don’t need to scare or hurt your best mate. It's about #teamwork  #bethechange #somanyhashtags.




Fact #4: I am organizing a Disc Dog event in the UK later this year called @AttitudeDiscDog; no pressure but we think you should give it a whirl! Disc Dog is a dog activity that - like agility - features a multitude of games categories. These games focus on different skill areas such as accuracy, distance catches, creativity of freestyle moves and time challenges, for all levels of ability. This competition will be the first of its kind in the UK – so don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing; everybody will be in the same boat!


Fact #5: We are trying to ‘spread the love’ about how awesome disc dog is and why we think you should get into it by attending events all over the country. We’re proud to be fuelled by Natures Menu, who have invited us to their stands at Discover Dogs and Crufts in the coming months. We’ll be on hand to chat to you about disc dog and positive training methods, or you can just come along to say 'hi' and see @BetsytheAmazingFrisbeeDog do her thing! ♯fuelledbynaturesmenu


We’ll be blogging for Natures Menu in the meantime, offering our top tips on dog training as well as keeping you up to date on our latest adventures, so if you have any special requests on what you’d like to see next, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch via our website ( or social media channels (handles).

Dsfghj,hbnfdvfergethgbfnvcxz vdff (And that was Betsy signing off. We’ll catch you later!)


Fuelled by Natures Menu

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