Kheva the Chritsmas Star!


It's not every day we have a movie star in our midst, let alone the star of the worlds first Christmas movie created for the enjoyment of dogs, narrated by none other than X Factor judge Louie Walsh!


As some of you may know, Kheva (and her GeeGee Dogs family), love acting, posing and performing tricks.


We thought we would give Kheva a quick chance to tell you what she thinks of becoming a Christmas Movie Star……



Q: How long have you been acting for, Kheva?


A: Nearly 21 years, what’s that in human time?



Q: When you were asked to be on Merry Woofmas, what was your reaction??


A: Urm, I started barking and wagging my tail.



Q: What are your favourite tricks to do when on set?


A: SPINNING and SPINNING and RUNNING. Does eating count as a trick?



Q: Which part of the movie was your favourite bit to do?


A: Presents. I love presents. Opening stuff is the best.



Q: Did you fancy any of your canine co-stars?


A: Shhh……. Marcel Le Corgi is even fluffier in real life than on Instagram. We got to play chase.



Q: And finally, what sort of big juicy bone are you asking Santa for this year?


A: Ooooh tough one, EITHER a Marrow Bone or Lamb Ribs! Oh yes!


Thanks so much for taking a few moments to answer our questions, Kheva. If you fancy hearing more about tricks, modelling, performing or raw feeding, don’t forget to check them out on Social Media –


Instagram “ GeeGee_Dogs 


The Gee Gee Dogs are also currently presenting workshops, if you are interested in hosting them, get in touch via their social media pages.



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