Can you mix kibble with raw food?



There are a few questions that come up a lot when you are in the raw pet food business, so it makes sense for us to cover some of these here in the blog.


One question we get asked all the time is about safe transitioning to raw food and whether it is harmful to feed both kibble or dry dog food alongside  raw.


Thankfully our Vet Nurse Mel, part of our veterinary division here at Natures Menu, is now rather well versed in answering these questions, and has provided us with the following information to put the record straight!


“It’s usual advice to suggest not feeding raw and extruded biscuit (kibble) in the same meal, due to their differing digestion rates. Extruded foods (e.g. typical brown hard biscuit style) require high amounts of processing due to the various ingredients used, and this difference in digestion rates may cause upset in some sensitive dogs. 


If these two types of food are to be fed to the same dog, we would suggest feeding in two separate meals, roughly 12 hours apart i.e. biscuit in the morning and raw in the evening.


Mixing a cooked/tinned Natures Menu food is acceptable with raw food due to the similar digestion rate, however, we would always advise testing that your dog can tolerate the various foods before fully mixing by offering small amounts to begin with, and gradually increasing over a few days."


If you are new to raw feeding and are looking to transition your dog over to raw, head on over to our transition guide for more information.

Should you feed Kibble with Raw?

Raw dog food


posted on 19/02/2017
Hi, I have 2 dogs, one 31kg & one 38kg. Your feeding calculator suggests 48 & 55 nuggets daily. We give kibble too, so cut down the suggested amount to about 30 each with a scoop of kibble over 2 feeds. Can you advise please if eating raw nuggets is enough for them & they don't need the crunch of biscuits for their teeth. I would prefer if that is the case.

Natures Menu

posted on 02/02/2017
Hi Kelly
Thank you for your comment. We would not recommend mixing Raw and Kibble together in the same meal as the digestion rates are different. Although having said that some of our customers do mix both together, in one meal. It would be something you would have to try with your dog and see if he gets on ok with it. You could also try our mighty mixer which can be added to a Raw Diet, this would give him the crunch that his enjoys. Have you taken a look at the transition guide on our website? Our website is packed full of information on changing over to a raw diet, there is also a handy feeding amounts calculator which I think you will find useful. I hope that this helps

Kelly Holland

posted on 01/02/2017
I want to change my boxer onto raw food can you feed the raw mince meat with the baked biscuit you do as she enjoys the crunchy kibble how can I gradually change her over from Royal canin boxer to the raw food as there is a lot of conflicting information on feeding raw and also how much should you feed a 25kg dog


posted on 04/01/2017
I am currently transitioning from raw to kibble purely for finance reasons. Is it possible to feed a morning raw food and an evening kibble so we have the best of both worlds? If so would the raw still need to have the right balance of bone/offal/supplements in or would this be provided I. The kibble?

Natures Menu

posted on 05/10/2016
Hello Genia, if you are feeding the complete raw meals/ nuggets you will not need to add any supplements. If you are creating your pet's meals at home using our just meat range you may wish to explore adding supplements here. We like Dorwest

You can find out more about your raw feeding options in our advice section:

Natures Menu

posted on 05/10/2016
Alison, yes this is fine - the Superfood Crunch is gently baked and complete, so you would just need to reduce the volume of raw complete to allow for that so that you are not over feeding. Hope this helps!

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