Chris Packham's Raw Feeding Story


 As the pet parent of an older dog, I know that the best gift I can give my poodle, Scratchy, is quality of life. For me the best route to this is through exercise, quality time and great food.


Exercise and quality time came pretty naturally – I adore spending time with my dog and he comes with me almost everywhere, but ensuring a good diet was something we struggled with until very recently.


Poodles are renowned for having poor teeth in old age so I was concerned to ensure his diet was best suited to keeping them well. After doing a bit of research I discovered raw feeding and have never looked back. Raw feeding is a diet made up of raw meats, bones, fruit and vegetables, and sometimes a non-starchy grain.


It is one of the most simple, unprocessed ways I could feed him, and the results have been fantastic!


When you look back at the history of dog food it’s only in relatively recent years that we have started to feed our dogs highly processed foods, and it seems that many of our pets are just not able to cope with it. I am of the opinion that simplicity is the key to a happy, healthy pet, and that’s definitely true when it comes to Scratchy’s diet.


A recent trip to a specialist vet confirmed his gnashers are in great condition. Aside from that he is full of beans and his coat looks amazing - people who meet him can't believe he's nearly fourteen! He absolutely loves his duck necks and I'm certain that the switch to a raw diet has been enormously beneficial. I wish he'd been on it all his life.


Chris feeds Scratchy Natures Menu Country Hunter Superfood Nuggets every day.  Scratchy also enjoys raw bones and chews two or three times a week for a satisfying chew session which can help to keep his teeth and gums clean, naturally.

Chris Packham and his dog Scratchy