Dog Food in the News!

This month we have seen dog food hit the headlines more than once due to demands for clearer labelling, particularly when it comes to the big household brands popular among many pet owners.


Coverage has included features on both ITV's Richard and Judy and most recently BBC One's Rip off Britain, which examined what actually goes into big brand dog foods, focussing on labelling such as 'meat derivative', which they revealed can include beaks, feathers, hooves and snouts.


So what do you need to know when you are choosing a dog food? Here is a breakdown of some commonly found terms, according to the guidelines set out for the pet food industry in this country...


Chicken flavour = 0% of the claimed chicken component is required but the flavour comes from a flavouring substance
With Chicken = only 4% of the claimed chicken component
Rich in Chicken = only 14% of the claimed chicken component
Chicken dinner = only 26% of the claimed chicken component

Quite the eye opener, right?

Of course at Natures Menu we are proud to tell you exactly what goes into our food, on the front and the back of our packaging! Want to find out more? Click here for more information about our quality and standards.

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