Your Feedback on our new Country Hunter ranges!

It's been an incredibly busy few months here at Natures Menu, with 17 new recipes launched across our Country Hunter range as we moved to a fabulous 80% meat formula.

Both the cans and raw nuggets have been developed with the help of our vets to provide a complete and balanced meal for dogs, with a tasty 80% real meat and wholesome superfoods.

We asked you what you thought, and now we're ready to share the highlights. Here goes...!

Country Hunter Seriously Meaty Meal Cans

Q: Which recipe did your pets prefer?

A: It was a tie! Wild Boar and Mackerel and Chicken both went down a treat!

Your dogs loved these flavours so much they just couldn't decide between them!


Q: Did your pet enjoy the food?

"They never leave a crumb and take turns in 'washing up' each other's plates after eating!"

"She doesn't gobble but, for her she does eat it quickly and licked the bowl clean"

"She's a big fan of the range, and seemed to enjoy this one as much as the "old" products"


Q: Would you buy it again? 87% of you said "Definitely, yes!"

"My terrier is a fussy eater, but not with this food."

"I struggle to find a good quality wet food that is free from her intolerances, so we're both very pleased"

"We feed raw but always keep a few cans in stock to take out for dogs lunch if we have a long day out with them"

Country Hunter Raw Superfood Nuggets

Q:Which recipe did your pets prefer?

A:Wild Venison!

With Succulent Duck coming in at a close second, our Wild Venison Raw Superfood Nuggets took the crown of the most preferred recipe. 35% of our panel thought these were the best!


Q: How did your pet react when offerred the food?

Q: How did your pet react when offerred the food?

"Daisy is usually disinterested in food, partly due to health issues, however she is now keen to tuck in."

"She can't eat it quick enough"


Q:Would you buy it again? 80% of you said "definitely yes!"

"Yes every month forever!"

We will be ordering these weekly. Very happy, satisfied puppy!"


Thank you to everyone who helped us by taking the survey. All feedback has been sent on to our product team and is going to be really useful in making our meals for dogs even better!

Special thanks go to Teddi and Sally our gorgeous models. You can find out more about them by following them on  Instagram @teddi_whft and @babydirewolf  

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