Frankie goes to Puppy School

Diary of a Natures Menu Puppy School Puppy 


Hi I’m Frankie, I’m a French Bulldog and I’m 20 weeks old.


My mum, Sarah has just about the best job in the world because she works at Natures Menu pet food. That means that I get to have plenty of yummy food, she feeds me on Natures Menu Raw which is supposed to be really good for me. I don’t know about that, but it does taste good, she never has to worry about me not emptying my bowl and I always feel great!


This week mum told me that we would be going to ‘Puppy School’ because I needed to learn how to grow up to be a happy and well behaved dog. She said we would be learning lots of fun stuff and that she was going to be doing some fun ‘training’ with me. I think it might be mum that needs training because honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me.  


Anyway, I wasn’t worried about Puppy School because I’m a happy go lucky kind of pup. It was lucky that we could go because I’m already 20 weeks old and that means I only just got in and I might be one of the oldest puppies there. I can’t wait to meet the other puppies.


When we arrived at Puppy School we met Zoe and Anna our tutors. They were really friendly and seemed to like puppies quite a lot which is a relief. They came to meet me and see if I was ok and if mum had remembered my bed and water and treats.


Zoe told Mum that my harness may be restricting my front legs a bit and Mum said she would have a look at a different one for me called Perfect Fit. I hope they come in cool colours!


Next Anna and Zoe explained that we shouldn’t be trying to say hello to the other puppies while we were on our leads……BORING....because I really wanted to. Instead they let us spend some time sniffing each others beds (without puppies of course) so that we could get to know a bit about each other in a calm way. It was great and I felt much better after that. Zoe said for puppies this was like reading someone’s Face Book profile, I don’t know what that is but it made the grown-ups laugh.


Anyway, I couldn’t believe what happened next. They gave everyone a bag of treats!! And guess what? They were Natures Menu treats!! I knew straight away that this was going to be good. Some of the other puppies had never seen these before. I bet those other puppies didn’t know how yummy they are and also that they are really healthy because apparently they are natural and made with real meat and no nasty additives……whatever! I think they smell and taste awesome. You could tell as soon as they sniffed them they were really interested and wanted to know when they could try one!! That was pretty much straight away because all the mums and dads starting getting us to sniff and follow the treats back onto our own beds where they crumbled a few bits onto the bed. This made me sniffy and licky on my bed and I kind of felt quite relaxed doing that. I still wanted to see the other puppies though!


Anyway, after all that I think it was time to start training the humans. Thank goodness Zoe and Anna are really good at explaining and showing things to the humans because sometimes they’re not as quick as us pups. We got to all have a go at demonstrating some cool stuff with Zoe and Anna so that our humans could see how to do it properly and then Zoe said that our mums and dads had to have a go.


Mum did really well, I was quite pleased with her ‘come when called’, she was really good at calling me and giving me a yummy treat when I went to see what she was on about.

I was excellent at the eye contact game, it was really easy for me to sit and look at mummy for ages because I just love her soo much and anyway she gave me another treat after a few seconds. This Puppy School thing is easy!


We also practised not jumping up on humans. This was a bit more tricky because I think us puppies just really want to come up and say hello.


Anyway, apparently the humans have to do this thing called ‘feed the shoe’ which basically means that they will put a treat by their foot and crouch down to see us before we jump on them. I’m getting the hang of it I think, I mean I like the food part of it of course, but if the humans are a bit slow it’s really hard to hold that excitement in and not jump up. I’m going to try hard and Zoe says if all the people at home try hard to ignore us when we jump and talk to us when our feet are all on the floor we will soon get the hang of it. I hope so because I really want all the humans to love me as much as I love them, I suppose I will have to practise hard to learn nice manners.


At the end of the class we got to have a little play without our leads on. I thought this was awesome because I was extremely excited to see the other puppies. I had to be really good because some of the other puppies were a bit shy and Zoe said I might be a little over confident for them! Hmm, I’m not sure about this but me and mum are going to work on me being polite to other dogs that I meet so that we can learn to play nicely together which is good.


So, that was the end of my first Puppy School class. I was very tired when I got home and I had a really good sleep. I can’t wait to start our practising at home because it means I get to play with Sarah and of course eat some more of those yummy Natures Menu treats!







Frankie goes to Puppy School

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