Frankie goes to Puppy School week 2

It me Frankie  I wanted to tell you all about my second week at Puppy School with my mum Sarah.  

The day of class was super hot, I didn’t do too much at home before I went but as soon as we arrived in the car park and I saw all the other puppies I got really excited. All the pups looked really pleased to be back and when we got out of our cars we just wanted to sniff each other and say hello. Our teacher Zoe told the mums last week not to let us do this too much but I think the humans find it really tricky to keep us apart because we are just so excited!! I told you the humans are slower at learning than us puppies!!

Once we got in and the mums and dads gave us our drinks and beds, Zoe told the humans to start to get us following treats onto our beds like we did last week.


To help the humans to remember how to do this she said make a nose magnet with a treat, it works for me because I love love love food!! Mum took me in a nice cool mat to lay on which really helped me to feel less hot.  


Zoe said that we should take it easy today because it was so hot…..does she have any idea that us pups don’t do take it easy when there is exciting stuff going on?! 


This week we started learning how to do our positions sit, lie down and stand up. It’s not like we can’t already do that, but we need to train the humans how to tell us properly which one they want us to do.


We really like doing stuff to make our humans happy but sometimes they are just not very good at telling us what they want. So, Zoe and Anna showed the humans how to get us to move into positions by following a treat, thank goodness they are good at training humans because after that it was pretty easy and who doesnt love a Natures Menu yummy?

Next we practised our come when called again. This time Zoe and Anna made it harder for us. Can you believe it?!


They got us to play a game with some of their really awesome toys, some of them even had Natures Menu treats poked in them, yummers!!!!!!!! Our mums and dads had to call us away from the game. Because we are all such good puppies and had been doing our homework practising lots and lots, we could all do this easily.


It was great because when I went to Mum she gave me a treat and then let me go back to play with the toy and Mum’s helper! Double fun!


Phew, so after this we all got a bit hot and Anna gave us a cool wet towel to help us cool down and have a rest. That helped a lot because I find it really hard to keep cool because I am a French Bulldog and we get hot really easily. 

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Next we started to learn how to do loose lead walking. This means we are going to learn to walk beside our humans without making the lead go tight. I was a bit worried about this because I do find it really hard when I see people and dogs to not try and rush over and see them. I can’t help it, I’m just super friendly!

Mum had to make another food magnet for me to follow so that I ended up beside her leg and when I was there I got to have a yummy treat. I really like this way of moving around because its nicer when the humans don’t pull us or touch us too much, especially when it’s hot.


I also got to try having a sniff of the treat and then following mum forward a step. To be honest it was tricky because there are these two really cute sisters in my class called Milly and Emma who are Long haired Daschunds.  Milly was walking past me and I just couldn’t concentrate!! Zoe asked Mum about what treats she was using and gave her some yummy chicken from Natures Menu. This seemed to be much more interesting than the chicken Mummy had from Sainsbury’s and that made it easier for me to concentrate!

Every week at Puppy School we are going to be doing a bit of what is called  ‘handling’ and to be honest I think some of the puppies don’t like this bit the best. I don’t mind it because Mum is good at touching me nicely and she never grabs me or pulls me. The humans have to practise making sure we are happy to let them do stuff to us like check our ears and paws. It feels a bit funny if I’m honest but I quite like it because Zoe is teaching the humans how to do it without making us feel worried, and we keep getting more yummy treats after all this stuff. It’s really good fun being a puppy in training!!


After this Zoe said she had to teach the humans a really important thing called ‘hands come to give’. This is awesome!!! It means that whenever humans come near our food or chews and even toys they have to give us more treats or toys!! What could be better!! This means that we feel nice and happy when people come near us when we are doing something important like eating or chewing and they’re not allowed to snatch things away.  I like this, it feels good.


Then guess what? Play time again…..yay! We got to have a little time off our leads with some other puppies. I got to play with Milly and Bailey the Labrador and lots of toys. We had fun playing with the toys and our humans too.


We have got a lot of homework this week so I hope Mummy isn’t too busy at Natures Menu to fit some in. Zoe said we should only practise for a few minutes at a time but lots of times throughout the day. I’m hoping we can do some when its’ Mums lunch time. Can’t wait until next week but I hope it’s not so hot!

Frankie goes to Puppy School week 2

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