Frankie goes to Puppy School Week 5

Hello hello!! It’s me Frankie again, back from week 5 of Puppy School.


Well, what a week, I am buzzing!! Zoe said that this was my best week ever and I felt like me and mum are really coming along with our training…whoop! It’s getting easier and easier for me to concentrate and I feel much more relaxed about seeing the other puppies, I feel like maybe I am starting to become a more mature puppy! I am certainly starting to look like a proper grown up French Bulldog now, that is extremely handsome by the way! (I know that because that’s what all the other humans say about me to my mum).


So, this was week 5 of Puppy School, I can’t believe that next week will be my graduation party.

We started tonight with a quick practise of our positions to see if we can do them easily and some of us without a hand signal or treat lure. I am awesome at sits and I know my down and stand easily but sometimes I still like it if mum lets me sniff a treat as I do it. I can do it without, but I kind of feel more secure if she shows me the treat first. I just like to be sure I will get my reward for my hard work! I expect I will get used to doing before I see the treat eventually.

Next we had a go at a ‘come when called’ game.  

Tonight Zoe said that we would be having a go a running down the hall to our owners with another puppy beside us running along at the same time. The humans looked a bit worried but us pups were not worried at all! I don’t think they trust us sometimes!!


As I expected, everyone in the class was amazing at this and all the puppies who ran together went straight to their owners! Admittedly, once I got a little bit distracted by my friend Windsor but then Zoe made us do it again and I got it right the next time. It was really fun.

After this we had a little go at our loose lead walking in the hall. This was my BEST week ever at this and Zoe was really pleased with me and Sarah, we have been practicing this a lot!


I didn’t used to find this very easy but I am getting better and better because now I know that if I stay beside mummy I get yummy treats and it feels nicer than pulling on my harness. I hope we can do with lots of practise this week ready for graduation.


I also had a little go with Zoe my Teacher which makes me feel a bit special and I think mum likes to see me doing demos with Zoe because I look super cool in front of the class.

I was quite excited because after this Zoe said we were going to go outside and have another go at loose lead walking around the hall.


This time though we were going to meet lots of new people as we walked. I like it because it felt nice and cool outside and we got to have a little sniffy break.


In this game we had to try and do a nice ‘sit’ each time we saw a new person without jumping up on their legs.  


When we did our sits they would talk to us and give us a nice treat. Now, back in week 1 of Puppy School I would not have found this very easy but let me tell you, this week I was STAR pupil!!


I was literally the best puppy in the whole class at doing this and I could tell that mum was so proud of me (that felt really good) and Zoe said this was my specialty. This is such a cool game because it is helping me to learn to be a ‘polite’ puppy, which means that even more people will love me! Awesome!

When we came back inside we did some more handling and I am always ok with this because I am not a shy puppy and I do love humans and human attention sooo much.


This week we had to go up high on a table like at the vets and be touched and looked at. I didn’t mind at all and even showed off a bit by doing a few of my positions on the table (yes I know I am awesome).


Then when the other puppies went on the tables I played stick my head in a cone thingy for a yummy Natures Menu treat.


This was a fun game and I didn’t mind it at all.


Zoe said this was to show the humans how to teach us to like games like this and not be afraid if we have to wear one of these cones on our heads when we are bigger. I cannot imagine why I would ever have to do that but I played along anyway and the treats were good and I decided that the cone thingy was ok.

Next was PLAYTIME!! Yay…


This week Zoe showed mum and Windsor’s mum how to get us to play off lead next to each other with toys and our humans instead of playing rough and tumble with each other. It was fun.


Zoe has a lot of really cool toys and I tried out quite a lot of different ones and so did my friend Windsor. We also had a bit of a run together but it was easier to go back to our humans when they called us because they were also being really really fun with all the awesome toys. 

The last thing we worked on tonight was ‘wait’ while our humans tried moving away from us.


Lots of the humans said they had tried this at home but it was MUCH harder to do it in class with all the other puppies around.


Zoe showed everyone how to it properly and to make sure that all the puppies and humans understand what to do.


Sometimes I wiggled and moved so had to try again, I didn’t mind because no-one got cross with me and this kind of thing can be tricky when you are only 24 weeks old!


Also, mum has to practise how to stand up straight and hide the treats away until it’s time for me to move. This might help because at first she kept holding the treat in front of me which was a bit distracting!!


It was a great class tonight and we have a lot of training to do so that we are ready for graduation next week. I hope we win some of the races and games because Zoe said there might be prizes!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Until next week, Lots of Love Frankie xxx

Frankie meeting puppy

Frankie week 5

Frankie week 5

Frankie week 5

Frankie week 5

Frankie week 5

Frankie week 5

Frankie goes to Puppy School Week 5

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