Healthy weight loss with Natures Menu

A recent study by Marsden Scales claims that more than half of UK cats and dogs are overweight and that few owners are taking the advice of vets to get their pets weighed regularly. Here at Natures Menu lots of people come to us looking to introduce a healthier diet to their pets;  maintaining a healthy weight being a common motivation.


Fortunately, our complete and balanced meals are formulated with healthy pets in mind, and we have many options that can be fed as part of a weight loss diet without scrimping on the high quality, naturally delicious ingredients cats and dogs love.


Typically with ‘weight loss’ pet foods, the term ‘low fat’ translates to ‘high carbohydrate’. Natures Menu meals only use non-starchy carbohydrates such as vegetables or in some cases brown rice, and never scrimp on meat content.


Senior nugget ingredients



Left: The ingredients in our raw senior nuggets. Ideal for less active dogs and a naturaly low fat meal for those needing to lose weight.


Contains no fillers or excessive carbohydrates; just lean meat, fish and vegetables with essential vitamins and minerals.


We recommend the following for healthy weight loss in your cat or dog:

  • Feed for the weight you want the dog or cat to be (always consult your vet before deciding on an ideal weight for your pet) unless this would mean a big drop in food, if so then gradually reduce over 2 week period down to the weight you want your pet to be.
  • You can find out the recommended amount of Natures Menu food per day using our feeding calculator by inputting your target weight.
  • For dogs, use one of our grain free varieties. This can often assist with weight loss. You can also try our lower fat options.
  • Use these clever size-o-meter guides from PFMA.  You can view the dog here, and that cat here. We know that all dogs are different and that because of this it is difficult to pin down an ‘ideal weight’. These guides present healthy body shapes for cats and dogs in a visual, easy to understand way.


 Our customer care team are always here to help. Speak to a qualified raw advisor or one of our vets by contacting us on 0800 0183770 or emailing us


Healthy weight loss for cats and dogs



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