Interested in feeding your dog the raw diet?


So you have a dog, you’re feeding it whatever you are feeding it, and that’s that. But then you keep hearing people talking about raw and how good it is, you want to give it a try, but you’re just not sure where to start? WE HEAR YOU! We have this conversation A LOT. At every show and every day in our call centre we will have this conversation. I want to feed raw, but I have heard X, Y Z. Never fear. Our mission is to try to make it as simple as possible to feed your dog a raw diet.

 A Brief History of Raw


Raw feeding isn’t that crazy an idea. When dogs and cats lived out in the wild before their domestication began, they did not catch a rabbit and chuck it on the BBQ. They just ate it, bones and all, like any other carnivore. They got fats, muscle meats, bone, offal, and various carbs via the stomach contents of whatever it was they were eating. Simple. When dogs first started hanging with the humans some time later, they survived on meat scraps and other leftovers, fast forward again to the 1800’s and specific ‘dog foods’ are beginning to gain popularity, and by post-war 1930’s business was booming. Fast forward to the 1980’s and you have countless dog foods in cans and kibbles, with many claims on the front of the pack but minimal quality ingredients inside it. People started to ask questions about those ingredients and wanting more for their pets. And here begins the raw feeding movement!


Natures Menu Raw


We started selling raw pet food ingredients back in 1981, first to breeders, then to pet stores. Today, alongside an extensive Just Meat range, we produce 17 Complete and Balanced recipes to make raw feeding even easier, and work hard to ensure that our raw meals adhere to strict food safety guidelines so that they are completely safe for owners to handle and for our pets to eat. You can find out about safe raw feeding here.


What are the benefits?


Just some of the reported benefits of raw feeding are:


Improved coat, breath, dental hygiene (from reduced sugar intake and chewing of raw bones), digestion, and fewer allergies.


Where to start?


There are lots of raw pet food companies out there. Make sure whomever your choose is DEFRA approved (this will ensure that they comply with the relevant food safety requirements) and that if you are going with a complete food that they adhere to FEDIAF guidelines – this will give you the peace of mind that your pet will be getting the daily nutrition they need.


  • Check out our How to Feed Raw page in our advice centre. Here you can decide if you want to go with a home prepared raw diet, or whether a complete and balanced option is for you.
  • Calculate how much your pet requires per day using our feeding calculator
  • If you need help, we are here! Call our qualified raw advisors on 0800 018 3770 or email us with any questions. If your pet has more complex dietary needs due to health issues we have in house vets on hand, too.
  • …and finally, have fun! Enjoy watching your dog discover the new tastes and textures of raw (particularly super-satisfying raw meaty bones!) and all the benefits that come with it.


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