Is pricey pet food worth the money…really?

You may have picked up on the latest debate around ‘premium’ pet foods in the newspapers and on the radio this week, which questions whether you are actually getting a genuinely superior product for those extra pennies.


Having read the articles (both the Which? article that sparked the debate and the subsequent Daily Mail coverage) we felt obliged to speak up for the raw and natural pet foods out there who are sadly absent from the article.

So what does the article say?


The article from Which? examines a selection of dry and wet dog and cat foods from well-known brands Bakers, Butchers, Wagg, Pedigree, Whiskas, Felix, GoCat and Gourmet.


The foods were judged on protein per day, cost per day and cost per year.


For a 25kg dog, the costs per day varied from as cheap as 79p to £2.33 for Butchers Superior – a canned wet food.


So how does this compare to raw? Well, we all know raw feeding isn’t necessarily the cheapest option, but compared with the most premium dog food product in their article - Butchers Superior – with think Natures Menu Complete and Balanced raw nuggets do rather well!






Butchers Superior




Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Nuggets





And what about the difference in ingredients that go into the various pet foods tested by Which? They found that the kibble tested, while using terms such as ‘Meaty’ on its’ labels actually contained more cereals than meat – even in the premium options.


At Natures Menu we are proud of the ingredients that go into our pet food, and are also aware that grains and cereals are not always suitable for every dog. That’s why we have a huge range of grain free options available, and never use cheap starchy cereals as ‘fillers’ in our raw meals - only nutritious brown rice.


And the chicken ‘flavour’ your dog can taste in our Complete and Balanced Chicken Nuggets? That’s REAL CHICKEN, not a cheap flavour enhancer or chicken by-products.

Dog Food Ingredients

And what about the cat foods tested?


This is where things got really interesting. It seems our lovely moggies are getting the worst deal of all…


Cats must eat meat to survive, and thrive on a mostly meat diet, yet the dry foods tested in particular were packed with cheap cereals.


The article in Which? states that when cat foods contain more cereals that meat, extra taurine must be added to compensate. In the case of Whiskas Dry Dental Protection we see as much as 70mg of taurine per kg is added. Compare this with our Complete and Balanced Nuggets for cats, which are made with 95% real, raw meat and therefore meet daily required amounts of Taurine all on their own!


Based on nutritional requirements for a 4kg cat, the cheapest dry food came in at a mere 15p per day for Whiskas Complete Dry, and the most expensive was Gourmet Solitaire at £2.34 per day. So how did our Complete Raw Nuggets for cats stack up in terms of cost compared with the premium product ‘Gourmet Solitaire’?






Gourmet Solitaire




Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Nuggets





Incredibly, Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Nuggets for cats come in at less than half the price of the most expensive premium product tested.


Looking at the protein levels you might be led to believe that the meat content is fairly similar between these two products – not so! There is just 4% real chicken in the Gourmet Solitaire Chicken – plus vegetable proteins, meat derivatives and nutritional additives.


So there we have it…. while the dog food element of this article has certainly gained the most media attention, it turns out it’s our cats who are getting the most raw deal of all.


What’s your experience of feeding commercial brands like the ones mentioned in the article? Good or bad – we’d love to hear them. Feel free to reply in the comments.


Ready Made Raw Meals for Cats

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