Tricks for Treats with the GeeGee Dogs

" How do you get them to do that ? "


It's something I am asked a lot in the job I do. I train my dogs (and sometimes other people's) for Photoshoots, TV & Filmwork. So my dogs have a catalogue of cool tricks and a keen focus on me ("the treat dispenser").


So how do I do it?


Well, in all truth, it's a big combination of things! Firstly I train using positive reinforcement. In my case, that's meat, or Natures Menu treats. Pay them well and they will be more interested ! And they train most days for a short time. Each training session is just fun and games. My dogs LOVE training. It's your job to make it fun.


Secondly, we do a lot together. Walking, hydro, sniffing games, agility. Keeping fit is not just important to keep the vet away, but a fit and exercised is more likely to want to work, have lots of stamina and be less distracted, because he's already had his knees met. 


Feed them well. I feed a raw and balanced diet with plenty of variety, from minces to chews and bones. I never expect my dogs to work on an empty tummy (though don't fill them too much!). Think about how you feed them too. I try and avoid overusing bowls. Kongs are a favourite here ! Could you even do a bit of training for their dinner? I use a spoon and a small bowl to reward if we're ever doing tricks for our dinner to minimise mess!


And finally, put your phone down, and go explore with them. When a dog is allowed to be a dog, explore new places, and you engage with them, it really satisfies them and will increase the bond between you both. 


Happy New Year everyone!

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