Keeping your dog cool this summer

Ever noticed that raw fed dogs don't seem to drink as much water as kibble fed? Well you would be right! Raw fed dogs obtain a proportion of necessary moisture from their food, often meaning far less gulping at the water dish! However, in the warm summer months it is still vitally important you ensure your dog does not become dehydrated. 

Keep your dogs cool this summer

Dehydration is the lack of water in the body...

Sounds obvious enough, but as dog owners it's important to be alert to the symptoms during the hot summer months.

Our lay down the facts, and offer some simple steps to spot tell-tale signs and help you prevent dehydration in your dog this summer...



  •                 Reduced water intake
  •                 Increase loss of water (diarrhoea, vomiting, overheating)



  •                 Lethargy
  •                 Loss of appetite
  •                 Unable to keep food or water down
  •                 Dry mouth
  •                 Sunken eyes
  •                 Depression


*If you believe your dog is dehydrated please take you dog to your vet




  •                 Access to fresh drinking water at all times
  •                 Monitor your pets water intake regularly so any changes can be discussed with your veterinarian
  •                 Keeping the pet in the shade during warm days
  •                 Do not leave your pet in the car on warm days
  •                 Cooling vests
  •                 Taking water out with you on walks/day trips
  •                 Regular routine check-ups at your vets


Vet approved

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