Meet The Vets!

We're very proud of our vet team and the work that they do. Meet Mel, one of our Veterinary Nurses, and find out how she came to work with us here at Natures Menu.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to become a Veterinary Nurse. I started life in the busy town of Maidstone, Kent, where I grew up and obtained all the necessary qualifications to enable me to become a full time employed student veterinary nurse in small animal practice. I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2003 and was appointed senior nurse soon after.

I moved to Suffolk 7 years ago looking for a slice of country side and became head nurse at a local small animal surgery. A well-known client visited my surgery and reported that one of her dogs had, unbeknown to her, been pregnant and given birth to a single puppy in kennels. After getting over the initial shock (and poking some fun at my well-known breeder for allowing this to happen!) I visited her house to help microchip a litter of ‘planned’ puppies. In the corner I saw a 2 day old chocolate-brown, furry looking slug-like puppy that was a cross between her show champion chocolate Labrador and working springer spaniel. I was in love and arranged to adopt him as soon as he was old enough.

A few weeks following, I collected my brown slug, now a crazy lunatic of a puppy and called him Herbie. As this was my first ‘own’ dog, I wanted to put him on the best possible diet I could and began doing some research outside of the traditional veterinary waiting room of big name kibble foods and discovered raw feeding. Although most evidence was anecdotal, it was clear to me this is what I wanted my dog to eat and that I did not want to fill him full of cheap, grain based fillers, preservatives and colours contained in many other diets.

My raw feeding journey began, much to the surprise of my veterinary colleagues! However, after witnessing for themselves the benefits of feeding raw to my dog, many of them have now come round to the idea. Two years later, I decided it was time for a change and not wanting to go into a sales type role, I applied to Natures Menu to see if they could offer any positions to a raw feeding veterinary nurse and a year later, here I am.

I feel I have the best of both worlds, as my other career change would have been towards the role of lecturing Animal Care and vet nurse students but now, as part of the Natures Menu Veterinary Division, I get to visit veterinary practices and colleges all over the South East to educate on the safe and balanced ways of raw feeding.

I thoroughly enjoy my role along with its challenges and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me at Natures Menu. For now, Herbie and I enjoy our long walks in the Suffolk countryside and he gets to enjoy a nutritious, natural and satisfying meal every day.

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