Natures Menu are Super Proud of our Super Hero Romeo

Natures Menu are Super Proud of our Super Hero Romeo 


Romeo’s Human Mummy Stephanie Hartley always knew that Romeo was special but it wasn’t until he was around five months that she noticed his super power. 

The usually bouncy, excited, hyperactive puppy would become calm and gentle in the presence of a certain pup. Giving him gentle head bumps and loving licks. It was later discovered that this puppy had cancer.    Stephanie was sure that Romeo could sense this and was giving the gentle attention that this puppy desperately needed.


Romeo also became much calmer when visiting elderly relatives, Stephanie knew the joys of owning a dog and receiving extra special Romeo cuddles.  She felt she had to share this gift of Romeo's with others. 


This is when Romeo was registered to be a therapy dog.   The 65lb pets now visits hospitals and care homes to brighten the day by giving much loved comfort, especially visiting the dementia patients who adore Romeo.  The staff have said what a difference Romeo makes to the patients days and how even with suffering from dementia many patients remember him from each visit.


Not only does he help these people Romeo regularly visits Royal Veterinary Hospital to give Blood to help other sick dogs. Stephanie tells us that Romeo is a special kind of dog who needs to be fed only the best diet, that’s why she chooses to feed Natures Menu. 


Natures Menu agree with Stephanie that he is super special and we couldn’t be happier in saying that Romeo has recently been awarded the Blue Cross Medal.  A very deserving winner.


Romeo will be visiting our stand at Crufts in his Natures Menu Super Cape.  Be sure to pop by our stand on Friday 10th March.

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