Willow our cat brand ambassador!


Willow our cat brand ambassador!

Meet Willow, an adorable and brave rescue cat whose remarkable journey has featured in many articles in Cat World magazine. Over the last 5 years, readers of Cat World will have regularly seen his photo adorning the pages and will have followed his story. Last year to mark 5 years since he was diagnosed with feline lymphoma, he was given the honour of appearing on the front cover of the October 2016 edition.


In 2017 Willow has been given another wonderful accolade, as he has been chosen to be the first ‘cat brand ambassador’ for Natures Menu cat food. The crème de la crème of cat food.


I fell in love with Willow the moment he arrived at the rescue centre in July 2010. Having been found roaming the streets as a stray, he stood out from all the other cats due to his colour and size. Within a short period of time we had formed a strong bond but I could not adopt him straight away due to having a poorly elderly cat at home. Sadly she had to be put to sleep and in 2011 Willow came to live with me. I had only had Willow a couple of months when I found a lump on the side of his neck and my gut instinct told me it was lymphoma, sadly my instinct proved to be correct.


I was determined to give Willow the best possible chance so as well as having chemotherapy, he was also given alternative medicine by a holistic vet. I even trained in Reiki so he could have this, as and when he felt he needed it, which even now, is several times a day! Although Willow was on a 50% meat diet, I started researching the meat content in cat food as I wanted him to have as pure a diet as possible and by that, I mean not packed out with nasties.


There is a misconception that when you look at the front of the packet and see what looks like appetising chunks of meat, then the food must be good. However, I discovered that some of these brands had as little as 4% meat.


Willow was on a complementary wet food diet with biscuits but the amount of biscuits that he should have been fed in comparison to his weight would have made him obese. I asked the food company in question for advice but sadly they were unable to help so 18 months ago, I decided to look for another feed for him. It was then that I came across Natures Menu.


I contacted them for advice and more information on their feeds. The lady in their customer services department could not have been more helpful and friendly, and she was incredibly knowledgeable about the products. Every time I have contacted Natures Menu, everyone that I have spoken with has given a very high standard of customer service. They are clearly passionate about the products they sell.


As soon as I decided that Natures Menu would be the diet that I would put Willow on, I started to introduce him gradually to avoid any potential digestive upsets. Since Willow is fed 6 times a day and was on a mix of wet and dry food, I decided it would be better to slowly reduce the biscuits first. I remember giving Willow a teaspoon of the Senior food which is chicken, salmon and cod and he wolfed it down. He then nudged his head at the side of the packet as if to say, this is mine can I have more! I did the transition over a period of 14 days. It took slightly longer than normal as Willow had medication in his food but we have not looked back since.


Willow adores all his Natures Menu food and this is hardly surprising as it is packed full of goodness. There are no nasties such as sugar, cereal, meat and animal derivatives hiding in his packet of cat food! Take the Country Hunter range, at 96% high quality meat, which is human grade! In addition, they have included superfoods such as cranberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blueberry, green tea extract, catnip and spirulina - what more could a cat ask for? Well in Willow’s case more food!


I have never seen Willow so enthusiastic for meal times. He often wakes up from his slumber an hour early and dashes to the food cupboard in the hope he will be fed early. He runs back and forward, meowing from his food bowl to the food cupboard as if to say, here is where my food is hiding. Every mouthful is devoured and enjoyed.


Thankfully Willow’s weight has remained the same and his vet has commented on how he feels more muscular and leaner, with brighter eyes and a glossier coat. The one thing that owners may also notice is less smell in your cat’s litter tray!


It is acknowledged that Natures Menu pouches are a little bit more expensive than other brands of wet cat food but because of the high quality of the ingredients you won’t have to feed as much.

For example, take a 4kg cat, fed a standard cat food, it should be given around 4 sachets a day. Feeding Natures Menu for a 4kg cat, you would need 184g so you could feed one 100g Chicken and Turkey and one 85g from the Country Hunter range. This means that you will only be feeding 2 sachets a day or if you feed from the Cat Meal range, less than 2 sachets a day so when you look at it, it works out to be very economical. More details can be found on their very helpful website.


If you want the ultimate in high-quality food for your cat with a company you can trust then look no further than Natures Menu.  I choose to feed Natures Menu to Willow, will you do the same for your cat?


Sonja and Willow

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