Natures Menu Puppies!!!!!

Nova and Boomers human writes - We put our Miniature American Shepherd girl Gottabe's Supernova 'Nova' into pup with our male Dunnellons Boomerang 'Boomer' she was confirmed in pup. This will be her second litter and we are hoping for between 4-6 puppies, because she has such a thick coat it was hard to tell when she was scanned (I don't want to shave her fluffy tummy)

This pregnancy we moved Nova onto the Natures Menu Complete and Balanced Raw meals.  We believe that Natures Menu keeps our dogs in the best of health.  After a month of feeding the product we could see she was in perfect conditon for mating.  


Her condition was much better going into this pregnancy, her stating weight was nice and the vets said she was in excellent condition at her pre pregnancy vet check. The raw diet agrees with her and she seems to be less hungry than last time!

So now her pregnancy has been confirmed, I will be doing weekly updates on how she progresses.

Her starting weight was 11kg and a 16" tummy.

Today she weighed 12.1kg and a 19" tummy. She is at approximately 35 day out of a 62 day gestation period and is due around the 14 August.

She has slowed down a little bit my husband reports she is still up and active.  


Nova will be going in for her second canine Herpesvirus vaccine at the end of this week.

Pop back next week for the next installment. 

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Natures Menu Puppies!!!!!