Nicola Wildman & Zest's July Update!




We have both been working hard and having great fun with me even going jogging to try, in vain, to be as fit and healthy as she is. More recently Zest has become all grown up and come into season. This means less off lead freedom when out and about as well as less agility training. I find at times when less activity is required that feeding Natures Menu bone chews is great, as Zest is quite used to these sort of meals I find the Lamb’s Necks and Ribs are best for her to keep her occupied for a while. This also brought about the realisation that in a few months she will be spayed. For most owners they will only think about the results of the dog needing to wear a “cone of shame” when they put one on the dog after the operation. Particularly for sensitive dogs like Zest I think it is really important to train them to be happy with this before getting an operation.



 I first like to teach my dog to put their nose inside a plastic cup, I do this all through clicker shaping (to be explained in out next blog post). Then I progress this onto a larger cone, where she can fit more of her head inside so she gets used to the feel of having something restrictive around her head. I have just started to move this onto using the “cone of shame” the opposite way around. This should hopefully mean when the time does come around for her operation she can be more relaxed afterwards and in a better position to recover. I look forward to explaining more about clicker shaping in our next post!


Love and Licks,


Nicola and Zest.

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