Nova's Pregnancy Blog week 2

This weeks update for Nova, 


Today we set up Novas whelping area, although she has 2 weeks to go it's good to set things up to give Nova a chance to get used to things and prepare her for delivery.

As you can see from the picture Boomer (Daddy) has made himself at home! 


Novas stats this week are;


Weight - 12.8kg (almost a kg in a week)


Tummy size - 20" (an inch since last week)


She is being fed the following now;


Am - Natures Menu mighty mixer


Lunch - 1/2 a  block of Natures Menu white fish or meat.


PM - 1 block of Natures Menu Adult complete meal, folic acid and Luposan digestion aid.


All is well and now we are just waiting for the pups arrival.


Until next week xx

Nova's Pregnancy Blog week 2