Nova's Pregnancy Blog week 2


Nova's Pregnancy Blog week 2

This weeks update for Nova, 


Today we set up Novas whelping area, although she has 2 weeks to go it's good to set things up to give Nova a chance to get used to things and prepare her for delivery.

As you can see from the picture Boomer (Daddy) has made himself at home! 


Novas stats this week are;


Weight - 12.8kg (almost a kg in a week)


Tummy size - 20" (an inch since last week)


She is being fed the following now;


Am - Natures Menu mighty mixer


Lunch - 1/2 a  block of Natures Menu white fish or meat.


PM - 1 block of Natures Menu Adult complete meal, folic acid and Luposan digestion aid.


All is well and now we are just waiting for the pups arrival.


Until next week xx