The Pups are here

Nova started showing signs of labour and after an epic 48 hours the pups had arrived.  Nova did so well and dad Boomer was right by her side. 

She had four pups in total 

Helios - BT male (very sadly still born)
Hera - BM female
Zeus - BT male
Hades - BT male

We are saddened at the loss of Helios but nature can be fickle.  He was gone before he was born.


However, we are delighted with our two boys and one girl.  They were all a really good birth weight and appear to be super healthy.


I am sure Nova's raw diet really made a difference to her labour and the pups delivery.  The pups were born really active and started feeding well.  They were ready to feed even before they had broken the umbilical chords.


Nova has lots of milk and is really bright.


All puppies are reserved pending evaluation.