November catch up with Willow

Willow November update

It is a few weeks since Willow was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or ‘HCM’ as it is known. It has taken some time for it to sink in and I am beginning to get used to what is the norm for Willow. I monitor Willow’s weight, respiratory rate, heart rate and pulse, I take these daily, so I know what is normal for a specific time of day and hopefully this information will help Mark when he goes in for his next check up. Willow’s vet Mark has been very supportive, ringing me when I have emailed him a question. He knows how I worry and stress and does his best to alleviate it.  Willow is due to have another heart scan early next month so I will give you and update then, fingers & paws crossed that everything is stable.

The staff at Natures Menu have been wonderful, knowing what a stressful time it has been over the last few weeks, they sent Willow some treats and me some chocolates, it was such a lovely gesture and very much appreciated by both of us.  

Thankfully Willow’s appetite is as ravenous as ever, as soon as it is meal time, he runs as fast down the stairs as his legs will carry him or jumps off ‘his chair’ in the lounge meowing in anticipation of his next meal. Other times as soon as I say the word ‘food’ he starts licking his lips! He doesn’t even notice his heart medication which is now in powder form mixed into his food, it is amazing what you can disguise in food!! #iloveNaturesMenu #onlythebestforme

We have been very lucky with the Autumn weather, although Willow only tends to go out when he knows the grass is dry as he dislikes having wet paws, that is an indoor cat for you! Even when he is outside, it is just a case of going to the grass bush although now he has a tendency to jump into it and onto his scratch post before running back up the garden and back into the house. Unless it is a dry sunny day he has no interest in staying out longer than he has to! So, getting a photo opportunity is becoming a rarity so I have to make do with the ‘chair’ or ‘sleep’ images instead. 

Thank goodness Bonfire night has past. Long gone are the days when fireworks were reserved for the night itself, now it goes on for days and weeks before hand. When I first got Willow, he was terrified of them, then he started to watch them from the window now he is bored of that and simply sleeps through them. The only time he rears his head it when I get such a shock when the bangers go off. I just wish that members of the public could only buy the quiet fireworks as there are so many terrified animals out there and many owners can’t predict when they will be let off. Cats when they get frightened can become disorientated and run in the opposite direction of their home and quickly become lost. I hope all your feline friends were safe this Bonfire night.

Willow never ceases to amaze me with his intuition. He has never known me to be ‘well’ but there are days when he knows I am worse than others and none other than over the weekend. As soon as he had finished his food, he ran upstairs meowing as if to say ‘I am coming Mommy’ before he jumps onto the bed and snuggles into me, now it is his turn to give me Reiki! He is such a kind and thoughtful cat and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Willow November update

How did Willow become the first 'cat brand ambassador' for Natures Menu cat food? To cut a long story short, Willow was a stray found wandering the streets when he came into the sanctuary where I was a volunteer. I fell in love with his endearing personality and adopted him, however a couple of months later he was diagnosed with the very early stages of feline lymphoma and embarked on 18 months of chemotherapy which was combined with alternative remedies, Reiki and a high meat content diet. Fifteen months into his treatment I contacted Cat World magazine to see if they would be interested in his story and from then on, he has appeared regularly in the magazine for the last 6 years and been on the front cover 3 times! Since he simply adores his Natures Menu cat food I approached Natures Menu to see if they would be interested in me writing a blog about Willow and his story. It was then Willow was given a huge accolade and made the 'first cat brand ambassador' and the rest they say is history!