The Adventures of Otto aged 10 weeks

Otto the puppy relaxing

Week 2 (7th – 12th August) 10 weeks


Otto has had one set of vaccinations so far but isn’t yet cleared to go outside where there might be a disease risk so when I want to take him anywhere I have to carry him.  He already weighs 10.5 kg so becomes heavy to hold quite quickly. 


He is eating much more than when he came home, even though it has only been a week, and seems to be growing very fast.  I feed him on Natures Menu puppy nuggets but have supplemented this with duck necks, chicken wings and beef trachea.  All lovely stuff according to Otto but I’d forgotten how yucky this can be for a vegetarian who doesn’t usually have anything to do with meat.  I learnt from feeding previous dogs on raw that it helps to establish a mat routine early so Otto goes into his playpen to eat with a thick towel draped over his bed which goes into the washing machine often.


One thing I’ve been working on this week is isolation training.  I know how important it is to teach a puppy to slowly cope with being alone and to gain confidence that nothing will happen while they are on their own.  When you are trying to get a puppy house trained and are taking them out regularly, it is hard to try to fit in isolation training sessions to.  Until this is done, however, you cannot leave them for any length of time so it is important to get on with it so you can go out.


I needed to go to the bank to sort out my late Mother’s bank account and they will only let you do that in branch.  Since Otto isn’t used to being alone yet and I didn’t have anyone to leave him with, I had to take him.  I found a place to park close to the bank and carried him up the street.  Workmen were digging up the pavement with a loud drill hammer was making lots of noise so we had to stop.  Standing in a shopping precinct with a 10 week old puppy is like a magnet for people so it was good socialization for Otto but not so good for me who had to hold him for much longer than I had planned.


The house training is going well with few accidents in the house but it seems I am almost always taking Otto out to the garden.  The only times we have had accidents inside have been on two rainy days when Otto, with his thin fine coat, is not so keen on going out.   My attempts to make him resulted in me wandering round the garden in the rain while he sits by the door shivering.  


This week he has met my horses.  Luckily my horses are good with dogs and Otto just potters about drinking their water and eating the pieces of hoof the farrier has trimmed off.  I worry about him a little as he is so small and they could damage him so easily, but I know that they are gentle animals and there is no need for them to hurt him unless he scares them.  Chasing their tails as they blow in the wind could be scary for them and so I shout to make Otto stop and keep him safe.  Since I rarely shout, he stops at once and I praise him and distract him into a game with a brush.


Already, Otto is getting more independent.  He takes himself off to play with toys now whereas last week he seemed to need to be in the same room as me.  His independence training is easier now and he settles quickly once he is left, although I’m still only leaving him just after meals when he is sleepy and ready to rest. 


Again this week, time has flown and I have to remind myself every day to do some training.  We have been doing recall training this week, calling him backwards and forwards between us.  The Natures Menu treats are very useful for this and I’ve supplemented this with the occasional finely-chopped cooked sausage which is very well received.  Now, if you call him when he is elsewhere in the house, he will come flying as fast as he can towards you, ears flapping and those lovely big puppy paws pounding the ground.  He is so happy and seems to enjoy every moment of life.