The Adventures of Otto aged 11 weeks

Week 3 (13 – 19th August) 11 weeks


We’ve made steady progress this week with our little training sessions.  I do many throughout the day (one of the advantages of working from home and having him always with me) as his little brain cannot cope with more than a few minutes of work at the moment.  He soon gets distracted and wanders off, so I’ve learnt to make the most of times when he’s not too active or too sleepy and get a quick training session in quick.  He’s learnt to lie down on cue this week and we’ve started to teach the roll-over, just for fun.  His recall training continues and now we can call him from anywhere in the house and after a few seconds you can hear him thundering towards you as fast as he can run.  We always have Natures Menu treats on hand when he arrives so he’s very happy to come to us.



At the end of the week, we travelled down from Gloucestershire to Somerset to a friends party.  We stopped on the way down at the beach and Otto had his first paddle in the sea.  The wind was so strong that he couldn’t control his ears and I think he was quite glad to get back in the car.


When we got to the party, there were many adults and children and about 7 dogs, all of whom were friendly, so Otto had a lovely time.  He went off to explore and make new friends straight away, as if he’d been going to parties all his life, and only occasionally came to check in with me.  By the time we reached the hotel, he was exhausted, and after a little bit of frantic biting at anything within range, which puppies often do when they are overtired, he fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up until morning!


I’m pleased to say that he is now almost housetrained.  I say almost as I still have to put in the effort to make sure he goes out straight away after waking up, excitement and eating, but the good weather has made that easy.  We’ve had to buy him a little coat to make outings to the garden easier when it gets cold at night.  If it’s chilly, he just sits on the doorstep thinking about going out until I put on his coat and then out he trots.  


Both animals that Otto lives with, Bear the 10 year old lurcher, and Inky the 10 year old cat, have become much more tolerant of him and forgive his occasional indiscretions, although both are quick to point out when he has gone too far.  Otto is respectful since his early sharp encounters with them and soon reins himself in if they tell him off.  However, these moments are rare now and, in general, they have relaxed with him.  At one point, Otto tripped over his long legs while following Inky into another room and put his nose somewhere that no cat should have to tolerate.  Inky half turned with a look of total distain and walked on – apparently cats know when puppies do things accidentally.


And so another week ends and, thankfully, his days now start at 7.30 rather than 6 as long as I’m careful not to feed him too much in the evening.  Otherwise, he wakes me up to go out to toilet several times in the night.  I tell myself that its better than the alternative of having a mess in the house as I stumble bleary eyed down the stairs, barely awake and trying not to put the light on so I can go back to sleep easily.  All is good until I tread on a slug on the grass in the darkness in my bare feet.  It’s at those times, and only those times, when I wonder why I didn’t get a gerbil!

Otto the puppy and his pet parent at the beach