Otto is 14 weeks old

Week 5 (27th August – 2nd September)  13 weeks 1st puppy class

Otto is growing fast and I think this is the last time we will be able to weigh him in a shopping bag with a luggage scale.  He’s quite settled and happy to be hosted off the ground in this way but at 14.5 kg, he’s getting too heavy to lift. 


Socialisation continues wherever I can find interesting experiences for him.  This week, the fair was being dismantled at our local park which meant some close up time with heavy lorries and men dismantling big tents.   Otto isn’t really phased by anything and takes it all in.   He used to be worried about black posts in the distance for some reason but even that has faded now.  Sometimes old fears come back later, either during adolescence or old age, so I’m doing my best to help him see such things as precursors to treats and games whenever I can.


The nights are now getting more chilly and I’ve discovered that Otto likes to be well wrapped up in a blanket if he is to make it all through the night without waking up.  He still sleeping in our bedroom in case he needs to go out to the toilet in the night and he’s very good at waking us up with little whines if he needs to go.  Careful timing of his last meal means that he doesn’t often do this but he is still with us at the moment just in case.  Since he is fed raw natural food rather than kibble, he doesn’t over-drink after a last meal of dry food.  Consequently as long as he isn’t full when he goes to bed, a last walk out in the garden before bed means he can lasts all night until about 8 am.  I’m still taking him out often and ‘thinking for him’ when it comes to remembering that he needs to go, but he’s now been clean indoors for about a week and a half now.


At the end of the week, I ran a course for 14 new Puppy School tutors.  It was exhausting running the course as well as looking after Otto and making sure all attendees and puppy had all their needs met for 3 days.  However, it did give a good opportunity for play and socializing with lots of people and what could be better than 14 people who want to be puppy trainers.


Our first Puppy School class was at the end of the 3 day training course weekend so both Otto and me were very tired.  It was my first opportunity to attend one of the 100 Puppy Schools I’ve set up around the country as a puppy owner so I was very interested to be there.  I don’t think the same could be said of Rachel Butler who was taking the course.  Having me in the class would have added to the pressure of a new class.  However, we needn’t have worried as the class was excellent.  Even though I knew what was coming, it was a real pleasure to attend and I loved ever minute of it.  No only was it nice not to have the pressure of teaching the class myself, but it was lovely to have a structured lesson with exercises to do with your puppy.  Lots of things that Rachel told us (written by me 15 years ago!), were really useful to hear when coping with a young puppy.  I can’t tell you how proud I was of my tutors and the network of classes delivering such a brilliant service week after week.  It was nice to know that when my puppy to be used in a demonstration, he would be handled kindly and nothing bad would happen to him.  I was so involved with his training and with finding more treats for the next exercise that I quite forgot to give him water.  I’d put some in a bowl and then put it behind us – a timely reminder from one of the assistants at the class meant Otto got a chance to drink and so was refreshed and ready to carry on for the rest of the class.

Otto is 14 weeks old

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