Otto is 15 Weeks old!

Otto is growing up fast.  Already he is becoming more independent and takes himself off to play while I’m working.  I’m grateful for that but often the play involved torturing innocent cardboard boxes until they are in many pieces all over the floor.  Plastic bottles and cartons are another favourite but I can’t let him have those while on the phone as he makes too much noise.


As the weather turns colder, the issues of owning a thin-coated puppy that was born in a heat wave and is used to 30 degrees centigrade are becoming apparent.  Any patch of sun is like a beacon to Otto.  I found him on the sofa with head and paws in the sun like he was praying it would be Summer soon.  Ironically his kennel name, after one of the Game of Thrones characters, is Jon Snow.  I keep telling him ‘Winter is coming ….’ !


Due to his reluctance to leave the house when it is chilly or raining, we bought him a little coat.  It’s already a bit small and looks like he’s wearing a Batman cape, but its fluffy inside and it keeps him warm and dry.  He is now completely housetrained and runs to the door and whines if it is not open.  Popping the coat on if its cold means he will trot outside and ‘go’ quickly, while I stay warm inside.  I know he won’t be out there for long if it's a day when he needs his coat!


Two exciting events happened this week.  I took him back his breeder, Helen Phillips, who is an excellent positive trainer for a little advice about loose lead walking.  I’m glad I went as she soon had him adjusting his pace to mine, which is so important as we are so slow compared to them even at 16 weeks.  While we were there, he got to say hello to his dad, Jack, who ignored him completely at first but then did a little interested checking out and a tiny play, as if to say ‘hello son’!   


At the weekend, Puppy School ran a weekend workshop of ‘doggy dancing’ with Kim Lyddon who was part of a team that has just won the European Championships.  Even at 16 weeks, Otto was able to learn some ‘moves’ including the paw wrap (around a pole) and to step up on a box, weave through legs and to ‘pray’, although he was very tired indeed at the end of two days.  A good supply of Natures Menu treats meant Otto could keep working for nearly 2 days (with some serious sleeps in between) and since these treats are all meat, it prevented him getting an upset tummy which often happens when lots of treats are given during an all day session. 


Since we were on the course on Sunday too and too far away to get to our 3rd Puppy School class, we had to miss it.   We’ve been practicing the exercises though, thanks to our Puppy School Manual, and I think we are nearly up to speed, although a bit more practice is needed for next week.

Otto is 15 Weeks old!

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