Otto is 18 Weeks

Otto is now 18 weeks and he has gone from a very dependent puppy who looked to me for everything to a brave little soul who has started wandering further afield on walks and is more likely to be off doing his own thing now than sitting close to me at home.  Consequently, I’ve been keeping the recalls strong by calling loudly, rewarding well with a game instead of treats, and then letting him go again.  He is off lead as much as he can be now when it is safe so I’m pleased I’ve put so much effort into his early recall training as it allows him to have a lot more freedom than he would otherwise have.


His baby teeth have nearly all fallen out now and been replaced with huge secondary teeth that don’t seem to fit his mouth.  Sometimes when he’s tugging a toy or chewing and I catch sight of his new teeth, it looks as though he’s been to a bad dentist who has given him the wrong size dentures!  The new teeth arrived with a strong desire for him to chew and I’m pleased I got him into good chewing habits early.  Its now time for me to step up what I give him to chew so I’ve been out buying various safe harder chews that will give him all the chewing he needs to keep our shoes safe.


Interestingly, with the arrival of the new teeth, his desire to play with soft fluffy toys has diminished in favour of harder toys.  Since he has a big toy box filled with lots of previous dog’s toys, he can pick and choose what he wants.  There has also been a marked reduction in his desire to play bite people.  Previously, you could see him trying hard not to bite hands but really wanting to.  Now he doesn’t seem interested anymore and just wants to bite on toys.  We are relieved about that but his adult teeth are not nearly near as sharp as the little needle-like primary teeth. 


This week was our last Puppy School class.  We played games and practiced our training and it was a lot of fun.  It was lovely to see how well all the puppies had come on since we started with all puppies now being able to do the basics on cue.  We had to show off our tricks at the end and Otto had a nice repertoire of step, weave and bow.  I’ve probably been concentrating more on the tricks because they are fun but I must remember to do more of the ordinary training too before he gets too old.


Raising Otto, with all his energy and enthusiasm, has been a remarkable and fun journey so far.  He is the most delightful puppy and he’s shaping up to be a wonderful adult.  The brilliant Natures Menu food gives him all he needs to grow a healthy functioning body and the positive training and play keeps his mind learning and busy.  If what follows is as good as young puppyhood, we will end up with a fabulous, intelligent and contented adult Otto.

Bye for now Love Otto x

Otto is 18 Weeks