Positive training and great nutrition go paw in hand…

As part of our mission to improve the lives of pets across the country through a healthy, balanced and varied raw and natural diet, we’ve teamed up with leading puppy training organisation Puppy School.


Founded by Raw feeder Gwen Bailey (BSc Hons), Puppy School (www.puppyschool.co.uk) is run by a nationwide network of highly qualified tutors who offer socialisation and reward-based training classes run to a very high standard. Puppy School has helped introduce positive training into the lives of 40,000 puppies since it started with over 70 Schools around the UK and Ireland.



Gwen Bailey and Tutors

 Gwen and puppy school tutors.


Natures Menu are very proud to sponsor this like-minded organisation and recently we were invited to join the tutors at their bi-annual conference to talk about raw and provide the tutors with the knowledge and confidence to convert their clients to a raw and natural diet. Our Vet team Dr Becky Warden BSc DVM MRCVS and Melanie Sainsbury RVN MBVNA MISAP (VetN/Train) Ass.Mem. CBC were able to answer all those ‘need to know’ questions and advise on our approach to responsible raw feeding. The reaction was brilliant and we were delighted to see our product samples fly off the shelves and out of the freezers into the hands of the tutors…and into the bowls of their eagerly awaiting dogs, who of course were there to join us.


Tutors gather for a talk from Natures Menu vet Becky Warden.

Tutors at the bi-annual puppy school conference, June 2016.


Already a firm advocate of Raw Feeding, Gwen Bailey commented that “Both my previous dogs overcame health issues thanks to a raw diet and I’ve seen amazing results in friend’s dogs, behaviour clients, and puppies in class when they switch to raw.  I’m a complete convert and would never feed my pets anything else”. She went on to say that “Natures Menu shares the same ethos as Puppy School.  We, and they, care about animals and want to give them the best lives possible.  Natures Menu produces food that you can guarantee will be good for your pets”.

Some outdoor training for the pups!

Tutors and Natures Menu vet Mel get stuck into some outdoor training.


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