Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 5

12 weeks mean only one thing, second vaccinations! At last! Still a week or so until Scout can join in on the normal dog walks, but the end is in sight, which is good news for my back and Scout’s patience!  


She is desperate to get down on the ground and play with the other dogs we meet! Thank goodness for the Nature’s Menu treats, which I use all the time on walks to reward Scout for sitting calmly or when we are seeing something new and potentially scary, like cows or buses! 


House training is getting better – she is now going to the door to go out. Poos and pees are happening more and more in the right place – only two accidents this week!


Scout has also been closely inspecting everything in the garden, a job which seems to include falling in the pond – silly puppy has done this twice now when chasing a ball or a leaf.  Luckily the pond is very shallow and we are careful to not let her go out unsupervised. On the positive side, it has meant that she is getting better at being dried with a towel! 


Wrestling with her older sister Tig is proving a favourite past time.  The two play really well together, but it looks pretty scary with lots of growly grumbling and teeth on show. Luckily, their body language shows they are just having fun at play fighting – they both like to lie on the ground and wave their legs at each other whilst chewing on each other’s ears and jaws – apparently this is enormous fun! Occasionally Scout will get a bit carried away and then Tig is quick to tell her loud and clear that enough is enough, and Scout backs off straight away. Its all good practice for her with learning about boundaries, and how far she can push it with other dogs.


Next week we are off on our holidays to the West Coast near Liverpool – we are looking forward to seeing her on the beach! Until next week :)

Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 5

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