Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Week 4

This week Scout has been learning about horses, we live near a stable yard and we have been over to say hello to the horses every day this week.


Scout started off being a bit worried and not wanting to be close to them.  However, she was given lots of  fuss, treats and reassurance.   This obviously helped as when we next visited the yard she was confident enough to give one of the horses a little sniff. 


They are still quite big, scary and make funny snorty noises, but she seems to be very at ease with them now.  


We regularly walk through horse fields on our walks, so this is all good practice so that she knows not to chase or bark at them when she’s older.


This week we have also been practising walking nicely on the lead.  This goes quite well until it gets really windy and there are lots of leaves and things blowing past to chase!


We need to keep practising where its quiet and distraction free. We have been doing lots of playing in the garden when it’s dry – Scout loves chasing and tugging toys, and it’s a great way to use up her mental and physical energy.


This week’s pic is of her looking especially cheeky and wanting me to try to get the rope ball from her! She is especially playful in the (very early) morning, but I am trying to play with her several times a day just for short action packed sessions, so she doesn’t get too tired, and is happy to play again later.


House training is going well, although we seem to be outside more than we are in! We are trying to make sure she is successful in going outside every time, and the only accidents now seem to be when my husband is in charge :-/! We are going on holiday in two weeks, staying in a caravan, so we need to try really hard to get the message through before then –fingers crossed!


Check back again next week for Scouts next adventure.


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