Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Graduation

Diary of a Puppy School Natures Menu Puppy Week 6.


Well I can’t believe it, I have actually gone and graduated from Puppy School and my mum Sarah is so proud of me. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself too and loving my smart rosette and certificate.


Let me tell you all about my graduation party and how much fun we all had.


Zoe said that we would be playing lots of games this week and practicing everything that we have learned so far on our Puppy School course. She also said that we would all hopefully be winning a prize. There was even music playing in the hall, something about a doggy in a window I think??


This, I thought, sounds like fun!

The first game we played was musical sits. I was feeling pretty confident because this is one of my best tricks and we did a lot of practice after my success last week with ‘greet in sit’.


We all had to walk along and when the music stops try and sit as quickly as possible. The puppy who sat the last was out! At first this was a bit tricky for me because I was quite excited to see the other puppies and was trying to tell mum to let me off my lead to go and play. She didn’t though and instead gave me a yummy treat to follow with my nose until I was facing away from the other pups and ready to play the game.  

After that I was off to a flying start and I was the best in my group at this. That meant I got to go in the final against my friend Milly. I was so good at listening to Sarah and getting my bottom on the floor so quickly that I won the first game!!


Yay for me….and Zoe gave me a prize of Natures Menu treats, a biscuit and a yummy looking chew. Graduation parties are amazing!

Next we had a go at musical downs which was a bit harder for some of us pups.


I am getting used to doing my downs on the floor now and am pretty speedy at this too. After not being very god at downs without a blanket I nailed it and got into the finals again.


This time I think Milly won but Zoe did say it was very close and I still think I am awesome at my positions now.


So far so good, these games were pretty fun and the humans were laughing a lot too which was pretty good. Next we played ‘recall races’ to see who was the fastest puppy to run to their human in a race against each other. My class are all excellent at this but Zoe said we only win when our humans have gently held onto our collars so that made it a bit trickier for the humans because some of us like to munch our treat and then dash off to see the other pups for a play! We did this in groups again and had a final.


My friend Windsor won this, he is amazing at ‘come when called’ and I think it helps because he has a lot longer legs than me!


I did well though and I only got distracted once by another puppy, which for me is pretty impressive!

After this we played a game called ‘distraction alley’ when we had to run through some cones back to our humans.


We got to do this on our own without other puppies but Zoe made it harder by putting lots of traps on the floor to distract us! Can you believe it!! She put toys, a hairbrush, balls some cheese and even a Natures Menu treat on the floor……this was going to be tricky and I could see the humans getting excited!


Us pups did really really well and I ran straight past all the distractions to my mum Sarah. She is much more important than stopping to sniff toys you know!


Next we got to play a team game which was really fun, and I was on a team with the twins Milly and Emma. We had to take it in turns to walk to the cones and do different tricks that we had been learning at Puppy School like positions and wait.


It was lots of fun because all the humans were trying to make us do it super quickly so we could win and they kept laughing a lot. Some of the puppies found it quite hard to concentrate but nobody minded because we all did our best and Zoe said we were ‘working with distractions’ which means it’s harder for us puppies to do our best ever training.

After all the games had finished and everyone had won a prize from Zoe she said it was time to do “Owners tricks”.


This was for us to demonstrate something clever that we had been working on at home in secret. I haven’t learned any tricks yet but maybe after tonight Sarah will teach me some. They look fun.


Little Bailey in my class knows how to do “paw”, Emma can go around her Dads legs!


Finally, after all this fun Zoe said that we had all graduated from Puppy School, dah dah!!!! I did it!!!!


I was so proud and so was my mum Sarah. We got to go up to see Zoe and she gave us a special certificate and rosette with Puppy School on it and everybody clapped and it was awesome.


I was happy but also feeling a bit sad that I had finished my Puppy School course and wouldn’t be coming to see my friends and learn clever tricks with Sarah and Zoe and Anna.

Zoe told everyone about just how good Natures Menu food is and that yummy raw food like mine is really healthy for all puppies.


She also said that we could come back and do some more training at Puppy University if we wanted to.


I might like that! Puppy School was such good fun and we learned so many good things and made loads of really good puppy friends.

Bye Bye  Love Frankie xxx




Frankie playing with toys

Frankie meeting a pup

Frankie's graduation

Frankie's graduation

Frankie has graduated

Diary of a Puppy School Pup - Graduation

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