Diary of a Puppy School Pup

Week one - Scout arrives home!


 She is great in the car and not sick (phew!) The breeder sent her home with some freebies including the puppy food that she had been using.  Like a good owner, I kept her on her usual diet for a couple of days. 


 On day three, we got Natures Menu puppy nuggets from our forward-thinking vet and we were off!


 Scout LOVED them – knocking past me to get her dish and gulping it down. She started on one meal of nuggets a day (out of three), and the old food was soon beaten to second place.


Scout has also discovered the delights of the Natures Menu treats – we are getting through quite a few in the process of getting her to stop biting us, hanging off trousers and so on, but it’s going well, and she has mastered sit and lie down already!


We are already working on Scout’s socialisation, carrying her outdoors in our arms every day to let her experience the sights and sounds of everyday life.


We are taking things slowly, so as not to overwhelm her but we know that it’s so important to get her started so we’ve popped to the local pet store and had a look at the fish, we’ve stood at the end of the road at school drop-off time and watched children walk by.  Oh and we’ve already seen the neighbourhood cats, which Scout finds fascinating!


Looking forwarding to getting to know her over the next few weeks, but it’s safe to say that she’s already a much-loved member of our family.


Pop back next week for the next installation. 

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